20 January 2014, 12:53

Saudi spectators see UFO, astronomer reveals its China’s rocket debris

Saudi spectators see UFO, astronomer reveals its China’s rocket debris

Last week, a bright unidentified flying object cause many Saudi eyes to gaze up at the sky in amazement. Though, according to a well-known Saudi astronomer, it was actually just debris from a Chinese rocket that set up a communication satellite back in 2008.

Mansour Al Mazroui, who is in charge of the astronomy faculty at the King Abdul Aziz University, said reports that the object which was sighted over the western town of Medina on Thursday night was a meteor were incorrect.

“This object was the debris of a Chinese rocket that launched a communication satellite in June 2008 and had been anticipated to enter the atmosphere on January 16 2014 at around 10.57pm Saudi time,” he confessed.

After the rocket came into the atmosphere, the object burst, splitting off into parts that lit the sky up. It was supposed to fall into the ocean since a rocket propeller was present to make sure it would not fall onto solid ground.

Mazroui said the object was that of a rocket because meteors are usually seen in one area but this one was sighted in different areas and it lasted nearly three minutes. One newspaper, which showed pictures and video clips of the object, claims it was seen by a bunch of spectators in the area. Some experts at the time even believed that it might be a meteor.

Voice of Russia, Emirates247.com

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