27 December 2013, 14:23

Swedish develop self-cleaning dishware

Swedish develop self-cleaning dishware

Washing dishes might be a chore of the past in the future. Self-cleaning dishes have been created by design team Tomorrow Machine and research firm Innventia from Sweden. A plate and cup have been developed for a portion of the futuristic project called Ekoportal 2035. The dishes are made out of cellulose coated with a super-hydrophobic layer that rejects liquid molecules.

The plate cleans itself needing just a tip sideways, allowing the scraps to slide right off the dish. Lotus leaf, which naturally rejects liquid molecules, was the inspiration for the overall design. The Swedish Forest Industries Federation requested for Tomorrow Machine to invent three products for the 2035 year.

On the product itself, the cellulose becomes hard in almost the same way ceramic does, and has been deemed shatter-proof. For the time being, the material needs the green light to be used with food. Other items that will be a part of the Ekoportal 2035 group will be 3D printable plastic objects and a see through touch screen made out of nano-cellulose that can be utilized to take pictures.

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