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JFK’s assassin may have been on the Warren Commission – Andrew Kreig

JFK’s assassin may have been on the Warren Commission – Andrew Kreig
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There are forces in the United States and in the world who are above and able to influence the highest US Government officials, including the President of the United States himself. They might be called Puppet Masters, the Shadow Government, the Secret Team or what have you, but the meaning is the same; powerful dynastic forces that control almost everything. According to Andrew Kreig, in an interview with the Voice of Russia, it is important to reveal these forces to understand the presidencies of both Bush and Obama, who he says live in fear that what happened to Kennedy might happen to them. This is the reason that Mr. Kreig believes it is extremely important to solve the Kennedy assassination. In part three Mr. Kreig finally reveals who he believes carried out the assassination of JFK, his conclusion may surprise you.

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy the Voice of Russia spoke to Andrew Kreig, the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters. Mr Kreig organized a conference in Dallas, Texas of researchers, journalists and others interested in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Mr. Kreig gave his views on who was behind the assassination and some of the players that were possibly involved at that time.

This is part 3 of an interview with Andrew Kreig, the author of Presidential Puppetry. He is also an attorney, the founder and director of the Justice Integrity Project. You can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at Voiceofrussia.com. This interview is in progress.

Robles: My last question then, if you can briefly comment on Lee Harvey Oswald’s Soviet connection. He had a wife named Marina. He was a Soviet citizen and people said maybe he was working for the CIA. He came back and they decided to just set him up, if you could comment on that. And finally, the big question in the mind of Andrew Kreig who was behind the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

Kreig: Ok, well, I think any understanding of Oswald and his potential role has to be address, just for basic credibility, the possibility that he was a double or triple agent, and yet the conventional wisdom that is still in force at the major newspapers and broadcasting outlets is that he was just a troubled unpatriotic left-wing person.

And yet there is a lot of evidence that he was part of a Marine program, he was a Marine and that he was trained and facilitated in this defection in a very complicated cat-and-mouse game in which it now looks like the Russians were also complicit.

And this is a very sophisticated chess game in which it’s far beyond the typical commentary in the news media because it’s not as if the Russians would have welcomed him in to be a defector without knowing that he is a former marine and he might be a double agent. But the concept was, even in that situation, maybe he could pass on some information.

So nobody knows quite who is going to win that battle but he was most likely a pawn in this and at some point the pawns, as chess players know, become dispensable.

So I think it is fairly clear that that’s what happened and that certainly what his wife thought and there is all kinds of evidence that I won’t get into. But I do recommend people to study more about this possibility and if they are thinking about this, to at least challenge whoever they are talking with to address this possibility.

As to who actually did it: Chief Justice Earl Warren told someone: “We may never know” and he may not have known.

This is a game that was probably being played even above his level. He was Chief Justice of the United States so you would think “there is no higher level”.

But that’s why I called my new book Presidential Puppetry but it also applies to justices of the court. We think that they are the highest and most important people, but there are actually puppet masters above them who helped them get to those jobs and when they are in the jobs have the ability to threaten them or at least offer inducements of other kinds.

Without bogging down in the details, there is significant evidence that a number of people on the Warren Commission who you’d think from their high levels of government are totally independent and totally committed to the public knowledge and welfare and many parts of their careers may indicate that, but I think we know also from the Kennedy family itself that individuals who can be at the highest level are human beings who have secrets that can be used to blackmail them, to intimidate them or their relatives. And in this kind of situation I think that was brought into play.

And if you ask me who I think did it, I think the evidence from my panel this week and so many of the credible books, points to a plot by what I would call the Puppet Masters, others may call it the Military-Industrial Complex that was president Eisenhower’s terms, other might say Wall Street, Colonel Fletcher Prouty called his first book in 1973 “The Secret Team”. But it all means the same thing, it’s powers that are above the level of the government officials.

And the government officials, the key one here would have been Allen Dulles who was fired by Kennedy and who later became the most important member of the Warren Commission. And he may have been investigating his own crime, because all of the other eight members of the Warren Commission had very busy jobs. And he was out of work essentially, because he’d been fired by the murder victim.

So he had one of the biggest motives but he also had a key position to be able to persuade other people about how the investigation should go.

And here is one other element that is often lost and that I have again documented: it’s the role of the news media, which is how I started my carrier as a newspaper reporter “magazines”.

And this book research has been an astonishing and a very sad revelation to me - how deeply complicit the intelligence agencies have been with the highest levels of the news media in the United States on these kinds of sensitive stories.

And so part of the reason I held this conference this week was my feeling that we all have to take responsibility to do what we can as citizens with the help of the Internet (and we are all part of the media at least in a small way) and get these issues out in a very blunt way.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m right here in Dallas where a legal secretary, so she was his secretary for a lawyer, her name was Mary Ferrel and she immediately thought “this is not right” and she got her husband to buy every copy of the newspapers that day reporting on this and that became the largest collection of documents on all of this. It’s called the Mary Ferrel Collection of documents.

That I find a quite inspirational story that an ordinary person, a secretary, sees that something doesn’t seem right and makes it possible for others to study and reach their own conclusions.

And as a final note I’ll say that one of the reasons that I’m undertaking all this effort and in fact my book Presidential Puppetry, is that I think that this is not just ancient history. The evidence I’ve obtained and write about in the conclusion of my book is that presidents are always going to be scared that the same thing will happen to them as long as this crime is not solved or at least discussed more openly.

So I present evidence that president Obama is intimidated by the same forces and cannot really act as he should in the public interests as long as he is in fear of meeting the same fate. And I think if you look deeply, all of these leaders are vulnerable, no matter how many guards they have they are all vulnerable.

So that’s why this is personally important to me and I hope to listeners because I don’t think you can understand what our last two presidents have done unless you realize that they are not totally safe or as powerful as it may seem. They all have to be worried.

Robles: Andrew, in your books and you’ve just now mentioned people that are above the president, people that are above Supreme Court Justices, people that are above Obama, that they are afraid of: who are these people? Who is this? This sounds like a shadow government.

Kreig: Well, it is. I mention a lot of names in the end of my book to try to answer that question and not hold back.

I’ll give you a couple of the names, but here is why I’m not going to try to go down a whole list. One name is obviously David Rockefeller, he is 98 years old, he is in a wheel-chair but he still went to the Bilderberg meeting with 130 other puppet masters in June in London. That’s an annual meeting of one of these secret societies.

So his name is not going to show up on writing donations to candidates but he is head of so many organizations that… they have people who write the donations four levels down, to Republicans or the Democrats. And he doesn’t need to get involved in that.

You are looking at people with at least $500 million in assets, maybe more. Some of them are non-US. I would put the Saudi government in that kind of category, some other leading figures, and mentioning the Saudi government kind of gives a sense (or royal family I should say) gives a sense of the vast amount of money that these folks have. But also why I’m not going to try to do an encyclopedia here and bore your listeners because part of the way they stay in power is they remain in the shadows. They don’t want publicity.

While people may remember the name Rockefeller, many of the others are obviously younger and more vigorous but don’t have as famous a name. So it’s very hard for the public to get a grasp on who they are or develop interest in these people, they are not necessarily that good-looking. And we live in societies where most people have to work very hard. They have short time for this kind of study so if you can make it interesting and glamorous, nobody is going to remember all these names of people, in the Saudi Royal Family, for example.

That’s why it’s very important to understand the concept and know that the information is there, if people need to dig down in it. But it’s openly distracting and a little boring to try to run off lists, because the real leaders are often obscured intentionally. And just like the puppet masters on stage, they want to be above the stage, they don’t want to be seen. But we are watching them.

Robles: I see. Can you give us a couple names? If you don’t mind?

Kreig: Oh, well, I gave you Rockefeller. If you go to the list of Bilderberg attendees here is another name, there is Henry Kravis, who goes to Bilderberg every year. He is second generation, his father helped develop in the United States a very important tax policy so that oil companies don’t have to pay much in taxes.

And Henry Kravis is now head of KKR, a leading Wall Street company. He has worked for years on an American board of Directors of the Bilderberg Group with Donald Graham, the owner of the Washington Post and Henry Kissinger who comes from the Rockefeller Empire.

So here you have..Just to use this one example of Bilderberg, there are other groups like that, but it’s a small one of 130 people each year. Here you have Henry Kravis, you know, Wall Street, the oil industry, low taxes.

And by the way they’ve just hired General Petraeus to be CEO of one of their funds, so Petraeus after his disgrace that got him fired from the CIA a year ago, he is now back in the good graces of the big boys on Wall Street if not with Bilderberg himself.

Then you have the long time leader of the Washington Post who has just sold his company to another Bilderberg member the head of Amazon.com. But Donald Graham instead of reporting on all of these secret societies’ plans, he is on the board of Directors of the secret society.

Robles: Is this the same group the Shadow Government that was behind 9-11? Can you comment on that?

Kreig: We are talking about 40 years of difference in time. I think that the researchers who have spent a lot of time on this would say there is a heavy degree of overlap.

I think 9-11 needs a whole different groundwork. But I will here be a reporter rather than a commentator or expert (presumptive expert) and say that those who believe that there are huge unanswered questions about 9-11 would draw the connections but it’s by and large a different generation of actual government leaders and what we call Puppet Masters. But these are dynastic forces, for all of those who believe that there is common ground.

It gives you a sense of why each of us as a citizen, a citizen of the world, has to do our own research and not just take what’s put before us.

If I can end that one note, one thing I would like to say about the book is it’s got 1,100 footnotes, a lot of them are hot links so people who are doing the research, that can’t get into on a radio interview. But it’s basically a book for those who want to understand the news, not just listen to it.

Robles: And your book is called..

Kreig: Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters.

Robles: Andrew, thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a very good evening.

Kreig: Thank you, John.

That was the end of part 3 of an interview with Andrew Kreig, an attorney, the founder and director of the Justice Integrity Project. He is also the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters . Thank you very much for listening and we wish you the best wherever you may be.

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