25 July 2013, 20:30

Sisi brings Egypt back to dictatorship, violence, and injustice - Muslim Brotherhood

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As Washington delays the sending of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of its annual military aid for Cairo, General Sisi is calling for mass action against violence and terrorism. Military helicopters circled above Cairo early on Thursday morning following a "state of alert" declaration by the army. Mohamed Soudan, foreign relations secretary for the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, talked to the Voice of Russia about his thoughts on Sisi's call for protests and international non-intervetion policy toward Egyptian crisis.

How does the Muslim Brotherhood feel about General Sisi's call for mass action?

Actually we understand that now the country is being ruled by the army. There is no interim president, there is no interim vice president or even the prime minister. All those people are nothing. Now it is ruled by Marshal Sisi and he is seeing that the pro-Morsi including the parties and Islamist movement are still in the streets for 26 days and that is what he wasn’t expecting. We will keep going on rallies and demonstrations.

He thought we are going to give up shortly but his expectation was not right. Now he just wants to mobilize, he tried to kill some of us till now, about 200 people have been killed, more than 2000 people were arrested and also the women and kids were killed. He tried to scare us to go home. But what happened, even thought he is trying to kill more, more people go to the street. And now it looks like he gave up from this and he is trying to scare all the people who sit in in the squares or what in the rallies all over the state and then he gave this kind of a speech just for the many purposes.

The first one is that he is trying to scare us that he gets the permit from the other Egyptian people that he will kill us. In this case I don’t know what his position is to get the permit from the Egyptian people to kill another part of Egyptian people. If he talks about the terrorists, this is the duty of the government either from the police or army, to protect the country against the terrorists. But if he considers the protesters on the streets to be terrorists, why he didn’t consider the other people on Tahrir square, in the dictatorship state now he should consider both sides on the street as terrorists.

Are you expecting to see more clashes today and on Friday?

It depends. If he is still insisting to kill us to finish this kind of dilemma. I want to send a message for him that the more he kills from us, more and more that don’t belong to our Islamist movements will come out, I’ve seen a lot of Christians, a lot of anti-Morsi came now to our side and they are walking with us in our rally and sit in because they are seeing injustice, they are seeing that the army tries to depose the January 25th revolution and bring the country back to before the revolution and to dictatorship regime and Mubarak era again.

What about the fact the US is still 'considering' aid to Egypt, despite the policy of no aid to countries following a coup? What does that say to you?

I think this is not what we expect from the US. If the US calls it democracy country and considers it one of the democratic countries in the world, why didn’t it do like South Africa or Sweden or Turkey, or Italy and say pretty frankly and honestly that this is an army coup? They only stopped the transaction of the fighters, this is the only thing that they did. But this is not enough, this is not what we are expecting from a huge country like the US, again it is the democracy that is killed in Egypt.

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