24 July 2013, 16:17

Snowden awaits asylum decision at Sheremetyevo airport. LIVE REPORT

Эдвард Сноуден Шереметьево Сноуден

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Former CIA employee Edward Snowden is staying in the tranzit zone of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport as his asylum status has not been resolved yet, the Voice of Russia correspondent reports. Snowden expressed his desire to settle down in Russia and studies books on Russian history handed over to him by his lawyer.

Snowden, who had been living in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport since the day he arrived from Hong Kong on June 23, applied for temporary asylum in Russia last week.

His request followed weeks of searching for a way to leave the country, which he intended to pass briefly on his way to another destination and where he was stranded because the US revoked his travel passport.


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    Federal migration service has not issued the documents allowing Edward Snowden to leave the airport yet, there was a misinformation today in the media, said Kucherena.

  • 22:21
    "Any move that would allow Mr. Snowden to depart the airport would be deeply disappointing," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters, adding that US Secretary of State John Kerry had telephoned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
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    The United States would be deeply disappointed if Russia were to allow fugitive former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden to leave Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, the US State Department said on Wednesday according to Reuters.
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    Carney noted that Snowden "is neither a human rights activist nor a dissident" and that he has been charged with serious felonies, which include espionage.
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    The US position on Snowden had not changed, White House press secretary Jay Carney said, adding that Snowden "should be expelled and returned to the United States."
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    "We're seeking clarity," White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One, following reports about whether Snowden would be allowed to leave the transit area of Moscow's Sheretmeyevo Airport.
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    The United States is seeking an explanation from Russia on the status of fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, the White House said Wednesday.
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    The press asked if Snowden had money to support himself. "I asked him that question. He said he did not have much but that it was enough to get started," Kucherena said.
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    Here is a photo of Snowden's advisor Anatoly Kucherena talking to journalists.

    Photo: Voice of Russia

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    Issue of residence permit to Snowden not in question yet, said his advisor Anatoly Kucherena.
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    Snowden will be able to get Russian citizenship after receiveing a certificate of political asylum. Russia may naturalize Snowden after five years of residence, said lawyer Kucherena.
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    Snowden will meet journalists after his position is clarified, said Kucherena.
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    "If he really dedicates his life to human rights, it would be really interesting", noted Anatoly Kucherena.
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    "Snowden is an extraordinary kind of person. He promised that next time he will speak in Russian to me, at least a few words in Russian. Today he said ‘Privet’ and ‘Do svidania’", Kucherena said.
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    When asked about what Snowden does in his free time, Kucherena said that he’s learning Russian.
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    "I think you have to understand the situation Snowden is in. The issue of his security is his utmost priority. So even after he receives the status of refugee not thinking about his security would be wrong for him. We discussed the issue of communication with him – currently only he can contact me. I told him that he is free to call me anytime", said the lawyer.
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    Snowden is thankful to Russia for not abandoning him and supporting him. He asked Kucherena to say hello to all the journalists that came here. He said many thanks to all the staff of Sheremetyevo and also thanked everyone who called him and who sent him some money.
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    "Snowden looks well. I can’t say he is happy or sad. He is in a situation when he is waiting for Russia’s decision. He asked what to do next if he is refused asylum in Russia. He’s trying to be brave", said Kucherena.
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    Kucherena on conversation with Snowden: "I can only reveal part of the conversation to you. Definitely we discussed the current issues – this is the reason why he invited me. He didn’t have the proper understanding of the situation he is in. He asked if he has any restrictions if he is granted asylum in Russia. I told him he wouldn’t have any restrictions to travel around Russia. As far as the books I brought him, I told him that he has to know who Raskolnikov is".
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    "I didn’t expect so many journalists at the airport today. But there is a procedure. According to Russian laws there is a government decision that regulate these matters', said Kucherena.
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    "The History of Moscow, the History of Russia books in English and some fresh clothes – these were some of the things I had in the brown bag I was carrying", said Kucherena.
  • 18:44
    Talking about the contents of the package which Kucherena brought for Snowden, the lawyer said that there were several books and some clothes. "At this point he doesn’t have a way to get fresh clothes", he said.
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    "The request for temporary asylum is considered for 3 months. They issued some documents today. This was a document confirming that his request is being considered. Basically a certificate to confirm the processing of the asylum request, I can’t give you a specific date of when the request will be processed", said Kucherena.
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    Russia is ultimate country of stay for Snowden, said lawyer.
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    Anatoly Kucherena also noted that Snowden passed fingerprinting procedure while applying for asylum.
  • 18:35
    Delay in asylum decision caused by uniqueness of Snowden situation, said Kucherena.
  • 18:32
    Snowden hopes to find job in Russia if granted political asylum.
  • 18:31
    Snowden won't give interview until the safety question is resolved.
  • 18:29
    Snowden said he's sorry that cannot give an interview in person now but he fears for his safety, reports VoR's correspondent.
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    Anatoly Kucherena brought Snowden not only clothes and books but also some pizza. NSA leaker ate it with very great pleasure, reports Polina Chernitsa quoting the lawyer.

  • 18:25
    It's not decided yet if Snowden should be provided with bodyguards, said Kucherena according to VoR's Polina CHernitsa.
  • 18:23
    Snowden may work in Russia in case of temporary asylum - Federal Migration Service.
  • 18:20
    As of this moment, Edward Snowden willing to stay in Russia forever - lawyer
  • 18:16

    NSA leaker Edward Snowden is willing to stay in Russia for good, said lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

  • 18:14
    Kucherena is not sure about exact date when asylum is granted, reported VoR's correspondent.
  • 18:12
    Snowden won't leave airport today, to remain in tranzit zone until paperwork finalized, said lawyer Kucherena.
  • 18:10
    Snowden's asylum question is still under review, reported VoR's Polina Chernitsa quoting lawyer Kucherena.
  • 18:08
    Snowden thanks everyone for support but he will be staying in the transit zone for now, said Kucherena.
  • 18:07
    Lawyer Kucherena approached journalists.
  • 18:04
    Snowden may leave the airport in 5 mitutes, reported VoR correspondent.
  • 17:52
    Earlier Kucherena told Russian journalists that Snowden plans to settle in Russia and is ready to begin a court battle if the country’s migration service denies his asylum plea.
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    Snowden is propably to make a statement upon leaving the airport. If not, his advisor Kucherena will comment on the plans of NSA leaker, reported RT.
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    Seems there's gonna be a car chase for Snowden once he leaves the airport. Eyewitnesses report that a lot of tv reporters parked outside Terminal E.
  • 17:39
    Edward Snowden is expected to come out Sheremetyevo airport soon accompanied with his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.
  • 17:24
    Former CIA employee Edward Snowden can leave the transit zone of the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, a source in the airport services told Inerfax.
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    Snowden's lawyer Kucherena brings him a pair of jeans, t-shirt and Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" novel, reports RT.
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    Snowden collects his luggage at "airport's recreation room", reports Interfax.

  • 17:18

    Edward Snowden submits documents at Immigration checkpoint in Sheremetyevo airport, according to Interfax.

  • 17:17

    Snowden has been handed over a certificate to confirm the processing of his asylum request, reports Interfax.

  • 17:16
    Kucherena and Snowden conversed in the transit zone, according to an Interfax source.
  • 17:10

    Snowden has received papers allowing him to leave airport which had been issued by the Federal Migration Service, reports TASS quoting Sheremetyevo airport source. The information hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

  • 16:53

    Fuss at the airport as journalists are waiting for Snowden to leave the tranzit zone.


  • 16:46
    Russian lawyer Kucherena carries a package for Edward Snowden, the Voice of Russia correspondent Polina Chernitsa reports. No one has seen the immigration documents.
  • 16:42

    Lawyer Kucherena is at the airportkusvo

  • 16:41
    Lawyer Kucherena says that the consultations with Edward Snowden will last for an hour.
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    "We do not have any information," the Russian Federal Migration Service press office siad.
  • 16:40
    Russian Federal Migration Service gives no comment on Snowden
  • 16:38
    Lawyer Kucherena says he will "comment after my meeting with Edward."
  • 16:37
    Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena is at airport, he enteres the tranzit zone.
  • 16:36
    "Passenger Snowden is no longer in the recreation room, he remains in the transit area. He has collected his personal belongings from this room," airport staff said.
  • 16:34
    Snowden has left the recreation room for personnel on duty at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport but still remains in the airport's transit area.
  • 16:34
    Snowden collects belongings from Sheremetyevo Airport's recreation room - source
  • 16:32
    Airport staff ask journalists to give more space for Snowden at the exit of the tranzit zone at the Sheremetyevo airport - the VoR correspondent says.
  • 16:29
    Anatoly Kucherena is expected to bring the papers Snowden needs to leave the transit zone of the airport.
  • 16:25
    Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena expected to meet NSA leaker shortly regarding entry permission.
  • 16:23
    "He has not crossed the border," the source familiar with the situation said. Snowden is still in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. The border services have not received an official request from the Federal Migration Service, which would allow Snowden to leave the airport's transit area.
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