19 June 2013, 20:41

Russian military planes will be equipped with French navigation systems

франция ле бурже авиасалон 2013 Fouga Magister

New Laser Inertial Navigation System LINS-100RS is presented at the Russian stand at the Le Bourget Air Show. This is the development of the Russian-French PC Alliance Company. It is designed for new and modernized aircrafts and helicopters, including fighters of the fifth generation.

Among the exhibits of the 50th Air Show, which takes place these days in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, the stand of the RS Alliance joint Russian-French enterprise is not distinguished by anything special. It is very difficult for uninitiated people to recognize an unprecedented example of the Russian-French cooperation in the sphere of military aviation in a small square black device. This is a joint Russian-French development of a unique navigation system, which is intended for Russian combat aircrafts. The PC Alliance joint venture was planned back in 2011, during the Zhukovsky Air Show, and already by the end of 2020, the company plans to occupy at least 75% of the market of supplying such systems for all Russian projects. In addition to planes, such systems will be mounted on the Ka-52 combat helicopters, for which there is a special modification. The annual revenue of the enterprise after reaching the maximum production cycle should be about 30 million euros, experts hope.

Development of the complex was almost entirely carried out by Russian specialists; however, France's participation in the project is essential. The French company SAGEM supplies the most important component – the block of sensitive elements. Managing Director of the company Andrey Trebukhov has shared the details of the work:

“The enterprise was established by the decree of the President and the government of the RF. Now we may say that it is beginning its full-fledged operation. Our navigation system is a product of world level, corresponding to all modern world standards. This year we must produce about 60 such systems, which will be mounted on the Russian MIG-29 airplanes, KA-52 helicopters, and negotiations are underway on installing this system on the YAK-130 airplane. The demand for this system is great, and next year we plan to sell about 100 systems”.

In the future, Russian and French specialists are planning joint work on other systems, in particular, on systems of average accuracy. Andrey Trebukhov hopes thatPC Alliance’s advanced products will be in demand both on the domestic, Russian, and on the world market, thus increasing the competitiveness of the Russian aviation.

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