19 June 2013, 16:01

Germany will not supply weapons to the Syrian opposition - Merkel

Germany will not suplly weapons to the Syrian opposition. 

This statement came from German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the press-conference after meeting with US president Barack Obama in Berlin.

Obama refuses to specify US aid to Syrian rebels

Barack Obama refused to specify the exact nature of new US military aid to Syrian rebels, after his officials let it be known they could expect shipments of small arms.

"I cannot and will not comment on specifics on our programmes related to the Syrian opposition," Obama said at the press conference.

US for negotiating out of Syria crisis

Addressing the press conference in Germany, President Barack Obama said today he wanted to see Syria a united, democratic and peaceful country, and stressed the immediate goal was to put an end to the two-year bloodshed in the region.

The US leader also said it was important to hold the warring parties back from using chemical weapons against each other.

Obama says US not spying on German, French emails

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that US spies were not "rifling" through ordinary emails of Germans, French or American citizens, in a defence of National Security Agency surveillance programmes.

Obama defended the sweeps of global phone and Internet data during a visit to Germany and said a balance must be struck between ensuring the security of citizens and protecting their privacy.

NSA surveillance programs have saved lives - Obama

Lives have been saved by surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency, said US President Barack Obama during a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

At least 50 threats have been averted thnks to wiretapping and spying programes, said US President. He added that those threats did not just target the US, but also other countries, including Germany.

Obama’s statement was in response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s argument that government monitoring of Internet communications needed to remain within proper limits.

"It's an issue of balance and of keeping matters in proportion," she said. "I made clear that although we do see the need for gathering information, the topic of proportionality is always an important one and the free democratic order is based on people feeling safe," Merkel said.

Obama hopes Afghan peace talks go on

Barack Obama said he always expected "friction" at Afghan reconciliation talks but said he hoped they could still continue, despite a row over the name of a new Taliban office in Doha.

"My hope is that despite those challenges the process will proceed," Obama said, after the Afghan government cut off security talks with Washington after a new Taliban office in Doha used the name "Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan."

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