29 April 2013, 15:48

Russia to have largest Buddha statue ever


The creation of the largest statue of Buddha in Russia is nearing completion. The construction of the six-meter-high throne has already been completed. Tibetan sculptors will start building the statue of Buddha in May. The monument will be erected on Dogee Mountain in the predominantly Buddhist republic of Tuva’s capital Kyzyl, chairman of the Tuva Buddhist Union Buyan Bashky said in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

The meditating Buddha in the lotus pose will be seen from all corners of the city, says Buyan Bashky.

“Dogee Mountain is located in the north of our capital. It stands as if watching the city. Erecting the statue of Buddha on the hill is a symbolic event for us. Earlier, all our houses and yurts faced the south, while butsudans and the statues of Buddha were compulsorily located in the north. Four roads branch out in different directions from Dogee Mountain. When the monument is erected, one will feel that Buddha welcomes and sees off the passersby blessing them,” Buyan Bashky said.

"Originally it was planned that the monument would be about 40-meters-high. In that case, the Tuva Buddha would have surpassed the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. But later the plans were amended. The total height of the monument will be 21 meters while the statue of Buddha will be 15 meters high", says Buyan Bashky.

“Buddha said that drawing his image or making his statue is equal to his arrival. For us, religious sense is of great significance. Buddha the Sympathizing, Buddha the Perspicacious and Buddha the Loving in the minds of the people will give rise to originate positive ideas and kindness, while negative and harmful thinking will diminish. For one, after the erection of a monument to Buddha in a place in China that was often subject to heavy winds, the situation became calm there. In short, any statue of Buddha will have a positive and beneficial influence on humans and nature itself,” Buyan Bashky said.

It was decided to erect the monument several years ago. But due to the crisis and financial difficulties, the work was started only last year. The construction will be financed by donations.

"The statue of Buddha will be created from fiberglass by sculptors in Tibet. Later, it will be brought to Tuva by train. This is possible because the statue will be light", Buyan Bashky said.

“The statue will be hollow inside. We will print many books and put them inside the statue. In fact, Buddha said that in the future, people will read many books and will become wise. Consequently, we decided to fill the statue with books. All books will be printed in Kyzyl,” Buyan Bashky said.

All work is planned to be completed in autumn. The statue of Buddha in Tuva will add to the collection of big statues in the world. The largest statue of Buddha is in the Spring Temple in the Chinese province of Henan; its height is 153 meters.

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