25 April 2013, 16:34

Russia criticizes HRW’s anti-Putin report

Геннадий Гатилов
Gennady Gatilov
Gennady Gatilov

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov has accused the recent Human Rights Watch report titled Crackdown on Russia’s Civil Society after Putin’s Return to the Presidency of serving the interests of “certain countries.”

The HRW report has ignored all attempts of the Russian government to improve human rights in the country, Mr. Gatilov has tweeted.

The 78-page report was revealed on April 24. It slams Putin’s government for introducing a series of restrictive laws, a nationwide campaign of invasive inspections of nongovernmental organizations, harassment, intimidation and imprisonment of political activists.

The survey focuses on new laws concerning the so-called “foreign agents” law that allegedly clamps down on foreign-funded NGOs.

Voice of Russia, Interfax


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