25 April 2013, 14:42

Putin admits mistakes of 1990s reforms

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has admitted that the current chief of Russia’s nanotech-oriented investment corporation Rosnano, Anatoly Chubais, dropped the ball in his times while being a member of the country’s Cabinet in the 1990s, Voice of Russia’s Margarita Bogatova reports from Putin’s Q&A show.

“I am aware that he and some of his colleagues made many mistakes at that time and had their public image tarnished as a result,” he said. “But someone had to do what they did. They changed the very structure of Russian economy and essentially its pace.”

Putin added that some mistakes could have been avoided. “It could have been done in another way, with lower social losses and expense,” he confessed adding it was no use crying over spilt milk.

Voice of Russia

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