16 April 2013, 00:34

Another explosion at JFK Library - Boston police

Another explosion at JFK Library - Boston police

Police have confirmed a third explosion in Boston. This time at the JFK Library, there have yet been no reports of deaths or injuries.

01:35 MSK: ‏@ JFKLibrary tweets: "All staff and visitors are safe and accounted for. Thank you."

Earlier two devices exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing two people and injuring over two dozen.

Boston Police Commissioner says it is so far unclear if the Boston Marathon explosions are related to what is now being called an "incendiary device," at the JFK Library.

Casualty toll at 176 in aftermath of Boston bombing, 17 critical

The number of casualties in a Monday's bombings at the Boston marathon has risen to 176, police said Tuesday.

Three people were killed."We have a number of 176 casualties that presented at area hospitals," Boston Police Chief Ed Davis told reporters, adding that 17 people were in critical condition.

Earlier, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick had placed the number of injured at more than 150.

Police: No one is in custody

Ed Davis, the Boston police commissioner, just said at the news conference that no one is in custody at this time.

FBI press conference on Boston Marathon blasts: FBI to go to ends of earth to find the culprits

Mr DesLauriers of the FBI will not comment on the make-up of the bombs. He repeats there are no known threats at this time. “FBI will go to ends of earth to find the culprits”, he stated.


The state police official also reiterates the request for any photos from the Boston Marathon, especially around the finish line. He says there are thousands of photos out there in the hands of people listening to him speak on television.

A state police official says the police presence will be "significantly enhanced" on public transport and at Logan airport.

Deathful Boston marathon: US deploys anti-terror forces on the streets

Security has been stepped up in major cities across the United States after twin bomb blasts ripped through the Boston Marathon on Tuesday. In New York, police have boosted security at hotels and other city landmarks, with city authorities ordering to deploy anti-terror forces on the streets. Voice of Russia correspondent Roman Mamonov reports from the United States.

Meanwhile, a search thought to be related to the inquiry into the blasts is under way at a flat in a Boston suburb, where a suspected terrorist was living. He was identified as a dark-skinned young man who was spotted near the site of the tragedy several minutes before the blasts that left 3 people dead and more than 140 injured.

The death toll includes a 8-year-old boy, medics said, adding that 16 people remain in critical condition, with 25 more being in extremely grave condition. According to doctors, ball bearings had been packed into the bombs, causing horrific injuries, including shrapnel wounds.

"Our hospital alone has received 29 patients, 8 of whom are in critical condition," Peter Feigenholtz, surgeon from a Massachusetts hospital, says, adding that the first patients were hospitalized 15 minutes after the explosions. "Back then, we did not know that it was just the tip of the iceberg", Feigenholtz concludes.

TV footage showed the moment of the first blast that occurred after most of 24,000 runners had finished the race. Then seconds later, another explosion ripped into the crowd further away from the finishing line, causing panic among almost 500,000 spectators. This is what eyewitnesses of the tragedy said.

"We heard two powerful explosions and we were terrified. I saw people injured by the blasts. They were lying on the ground and I saw blood all around," eyewitness said.

"We heard two claps that we thought took place due to defects in a loudspeaker. Shortly after, we heard medics scramble to the finishing line. We saw them carry people injured by the blasts, including children and a woman with a severed limb,"another man said.

Police managed to track and neutralize three more bombs that contained no powerful explosives, like C-4. At the moment, experts are dealing with TV footage of the blasts and CCTV footage that may help find suspected terrorists.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the incident and the authorities are still in the dark as to who may be behind what they described as a potential terrorist attack. In a televised address to the nation on Tuesday, President Barack Obama vowed to bring those behind the attack to justice.


Voice of Russia, Reuters, RT

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