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Magnitsky List release: severe blow on Moscow-US ties

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The Magnitsky list has been revealed. It has 18 names on it but no top notch officials among them. Magnitsky Act sanctions target not only Russian citizens but those of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan as well. These people will see visa and financial sanctions against them because of alleged human rights abuses. Moscow has pledged an immediate response to the move.

At first, Congress drafted a 280- name list but the White House insisted on a narrower version not to draw the final nail in the “reset” coffin.

However, there are no guarantees that the list will not be updated and extended in a while, as the US could be keeping some names concealed to protect its national interests, says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs journal.

"The US government is split over the Magnitsky Act as the Obama administration wants to minimize its negative impact needing Russia’s hand in solving a number of regional conflicts. Meanwhile, Congress which pushed for the law has a completely different view. This makes the administration being torn between the two and, I think, the see-saw between the White House and Congress will continue."

The US imposed the sanctions after the Hermitage Group lawyer Sergei Magnitsky accused of tax fraud died in jail in 2009.

The death triggered public outrage and a number of penitentiary changes in Russia. At the same time, the case played a part in a big political game. A number of US congressmen led by Sen. Ben Cardin (D) proposed to punish Russian officials accused of involvement in Magnitsky’s death.

Russia tried to make a point that this case is purely domestic and is already being investigated, also warning Washington of counter-measures. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Dima Yakovlev law barring Americans from adopting Russian orphans. The bill was named after a Russian boy who died because of his adoptive parents’ negligence. The Russian blacklist mainly comprises US adopters-abusers and those officials linked to Guantanamo and secret US prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The move will severely hit bilateral ties, says the head of Politika Fund Vyacheslav Nikonov.

"The two countries have never done anything like this, even during the Cold War. I would call such lists a Pandora’s Box, and Russia will inevitably retaliate. I think, our list will have the same number of names but will be called something like the Guantanamo List and envisage visa sanctions and assets arrests. So it’s quite symmetrical."

On Monday, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon will travel to Moscow. He is expected to bring Barack Obama’s message to Vladimir Putin, but the blacklist exchange is likely to make the mission fail. At the same time, the President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that the two still have an extensive agenda to discuss.

The following individuals have been added to Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals List :

Extra-department guard service, the Interior Ministry of Chechnya BOGATIROV, Letscha (a.k.a. BOGATYREV, Lecha; a.k.a. BOGATYRYOV, Lecha); DOB 14 Mar 1975; POB Atschkoi, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual).

Russia’s Interior Ministry Staffer DROGANOV, Aleksey O.; DOB 11 Oct 1975; POB Lesnoi Settlement, Pushkin Area, Moscow Region, Russia (individual).

Russian businessman DUKUZOV, Kazbek; DOB 1974; POB Urus-Martan District, Chechen Republic, Russia (individual).

Former investigator at the Criminal Investigation Department KARPOV, Pavel; DOB 27 Aug 1977; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

Head of Moscow Tax Inspection Services KHIMINA, Yelena; DOB 11 Sep 1953; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

Former chief of “Butyrka” pre-trial detention center KOMNOV, Dmitriy; DOB 17 May 1977; POB Kashira Region, Moscow, Russia (individual).

Judge of Tverskoy District Court of Moscow KRIVORUCHKO, Aleksey; (a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alex; a.k.a. KRIVORUCHKO, Alexei); DOB 25 Aug 1977; POB Moscow Region, Russia (individual).

Deputy-head of the Federal Service for Tax Evasion Crimes KUZNETSOV, Artem (a.k.a. KUZNETSOV, Artyom); DOB 28 Feb 1975; POB Baku, Azerbaijan (individual).

Senior Counselor of Justice LOGUNOV, Oleg; DOB 04 Feb 1962; POB Irkutsk Region, Russia (individual).

Deputy-head of the Department for Investigating Particularly Important Cases at the Prosecutor’s Office PECHEGIN, Andrey I.; DOB 24 Sep 1965; POB Moscow Region, Russia (individual).

Judge of Tverskoy District Court of Moscow PODOPRIGOROV, Sergei G.; DOB 08 Jan 1974; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

Chief of “Matrosskaya Tishina” pre-trial detention center PROKOPENKO, Ivan Pavlovitch; DOB 28 Sep 1973; POB Vinnitsa, Ukraine (individual).

Investigator SILCHENKO, Oleg F.; DOB 25 Jun 1977; POB Samarkand, Uzbekistan (individual).

Judge of Tverskoy District Court of Moscow STASHINA, Yelena (a.k.a. STASHINA, Elena; a.k.a. STASHINA, Helen); DOB 05 Nov 1963; POB Tomsk, Russia (individual).

Head of Moscow Tax Inspection Services STEPANOVA, Olga G.; DOB 29 Jul 1962; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

Russia’s Interior Ministry Staffer TOLCHINSKIY, Dmitri M. (a.k.a. TOLCHINSKY, Dmitry); DOB 11 May 1982; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

UKHNALYOVA, Svetlana (a.k.a. UKHNALEV, Svetlana; a.k.a. UKHNALEVA, Svetlana V.); DOB 14 Mar 1973; POB Moscow, Russia (individual).

Deputy-head of the Investigative Committee at Russia’s Interior Ministry VINOGRADOVA, Natalya V.; DOB 16 Jun 1973; POB Michurinsk, Russia (individual).

Magnitsky list revealed

The US has published the Magnitsky list of Russian officials who will see sanctions. The list has 18 names on it but no top notch officials among them.

Magnitsky Act sanctions target not only Russian citizens but those of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan as well.

Magnitsky list to target 18: US Congress

The US will impose sanctions on 18 Russian officials under the so-called Magnitsky Act, Congress officials told Reuters agency Friday.

According to the sources, 16 officials on the list are directly linked to the case of the Hermitage Group lawyer Sergey Magnitsky who died in jail in 2009 while 2 others are involved in human rights abuses across Russia.

The list imposing visa and financial sanctions will be officially transferred to Congress by the Obama Administration later this day.

The Act was adopted by Congress in December 2012 and signed by Barack Obama on December 14. Under US laws, the President has 120 days to pass the bill to Congress and publish it in the Federal Register, which is the official journal of the federal government.

The White House will send a 18-name Magnitsky List to Congress – news agency

The Obama Administration will send to Congress a 18-name list of Russian officials that will face visa and financial sanctions under the so-called Magnitsky Act, Reuters said Friday citing a source in Congress.

The agency claims that 16 people on the list are directly linked to the case of the Hermitage Group lawyer Sergey Magnitsky who died in jail in 2009.

Two officials on the list are not directly linked to Magnitsky’s case.

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