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Texas parents suspected of abuse in Klimovs case

сша усыновление дети издевательство Алексей Анастасия Климовы родители американцы Майкл и Пенни Декерт
Klimov siblings - Alexei and Anastasia
Klimov siblings - Alexei and Anastasia

The Russian Consulate General in Houston and Russian Embassy in Washington are verifying information pertaining to facts of violence against adopted Russian-born children Alexei, Anastasia and Svetlana Klimovs. This was announced by Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special representative for Human Rights and Democracy Konstantin Dolgov.

According to him, Child Protection Services in Hardin County, Texas, confirmed having taken into custody the two girls adopted by the Deckert couple. The children are currently receiving assistance, including psychological.

Seventeen-year-old Alexei, who ran away a few months ago, is still missing.

Moscow hopes the U.S. will conduct the necessary investigation and provide exhaustive information on the case, said Dolgov.

US government aids Russian diplomats on adopted Russian children cases - Nuland

The U.S. federal government is trying to aid Russian diplomats in their contacts with the authorities of the State of Texas in connection with the fresh scandal there around adopted children from Russia.

These assurances were offered today at a press briefing by U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, commenting on the case involving three Russian siblings Alexei, Anastasia and Svetlana Klimov, adopted by married couple Michael and Penny Dekert in Silsbee, Texas, on the border with Louisiana.

"We are following the details of the new case in Texas," said the spokeswoman, referring to the Klimov situation.

Meanwhile, Moscow and Washington are still dealing with the ongoing Texas case of the 3-year old Russian boy Maxim Kuzmin, adopted by American couple Alan and Laura Shatto. The child died tragically on January 21st.

Nuland confirmed that the U.S. administration was aware of the fact that the Deckerts were suspected of abuse and severe beatings of adopted children, and that the case was about to be taken on by a local court.

"We know about it, and are aiding Russian consular officers in their contacts with Texas officials," said the diplomat.

New case of cruel treatment of Russian adopted children in US

Roman Mamonov, Alexei Lyakhov

Texas authorities are investigating allegations that a 16 year old adopted Russian girl was sexually abused by her American father. The case concerns the future of the Klimov siblings - Alexei, Anastasia and Svetlana from the town of Krasnokamsk, the Urals region, who were adopted by a couple from Silsbee, Texas. Six months ago in an interview with the Voice of Russia in Washington psychotherapist Diana Black who had inspected the family told about all of the misfortunes of the three Russian children.

Texas police don’t give any detailed comments about the case, so it is possible to judge about everything only from Diana Black’s words, psychotherapist who has contacted many times the Klimov siblings. In the US the boy and two girls got their new last name Deckert after their foster parents. Here is an extract from the interview Mrs Black gave in the Washington studio of the Voice of Russia last summer.

According to Mrs Black, in summer 2008, she was asked to inspect the family of Michael and Penny Deckert who had adopted three children from Russia in 2003. She said that the children were hungry and dirty when she saw them then. They were afraid of their foster parents. The inspector claims that Penny Deckert was beating the elder child constantly. She punished him with rice kneeling and locked him in the closet with a bucket full of slop. Once she even knocked on of his teeth out. Mrs Black also mentioned in her report that the two sisters also suffered at the hand of their foster parents. But neither the social services, nor the sheriff or the prosecutor’s office took the children from that family.

The children attempted to run away several times but were always returned. Last summer Alexei (who was registered as Zackary Deckert) ran away again and since then he has been on the national wanted list.

Recently, social services took the girls from the family but not because of the previous tortures but on suspicions that 16 year old Anastasia was sexually abused by her American father. Russian diplomats are watching the fate of the girls. Here is the statement Russia’s General Consul Alexander Zakharov made in Houston.

"On March 21, the state authorities took Anastasia and Svetlana from their foster family and now they are in ward of the service of children’s rights protection in Hardin district. At present it is being decided whether the girls can be returned to the foster family or should remain in ward. They can be in ward till the age of 21 or they can be given to another family."

It looks like it was Diana Black who told the Russian diplomats about the cases of child abuse in the Deckert family. She is keeping contact with the runaway boy who even called her several months ago. But still the story has many white spots. Diana Black claims that she also suffered for her care for those children. According to the statement on the official website of the Texas Healthcare department, she was deprived of her license for one year for breaking professional ethics and establishing personal relations with her minor-aged clients. Judging from the date of the statement it concerns the incident with the Deckert family. Mrs Black is also accused of instigating the boy to run away from home. The hearing in this case is slated for May.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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