9 March 2013, 22:13

Cairo violence rages after Port Said verdict, 3 killed

Cairo violence rages after Port Said verdict, 3 killed

Three protesters have been killed and reportedly 65 injured in Cairo as outraged crowds protest both in the Egyptian capital and the city of Port Said over the latest erdict on the deadly Port Said stadium riot in February 2012.

Security sources have reported that the protester died from the effects of tear gas. Meanwhile, Ahram Online puts the number of dead at three, saying an 8 year-old boy was among them. It says the other two were killed by birdshot during the clashes.

The number of injured also differs with the majority of sources reporting about 15 people and Reuters putting the figure at 65.

An Egyptian court has confirmed Saturday the death sentences for 21 football fans involved in the fatal riots in Port Said in 2012, in which most victims were supporters of the Cairo team.

It also sentenced five other suspects to life in jail and 10 others to 15-year terms, including the city’s security chief Esam Samak.

Six defendants received 10-year terms, two more got five years and a single defendant received a 12-month sentence.

The court also acquitted 28 other defendants in the case that involved 73 people.

Egypt: football sentence sparks unrest in Cairo

A court verdict over football violence sparked fresh unrest in Egypt on Saturday, with deadly clashes and buildings torched in the capital, as Islamist President Mohamed Morsi faces growing civil unrest.

A Port Said court, sitting in Cairo for security reasons, confirmed death sentences for 21 defendants and handed down life sentences to five people, with 19 receiving lesser jail terms and another 28 exonerated.

Fans of Al-Ahly football club, whose members were killed in a February 2012 stadium riot in Port Said in which 74 people died, had warned police they would retaliate if the defendants were exonerated.

In Cairo, a protester was shot dead in fresh clashes with the police.

Separately, emergency services chief Mohammed Sultan said a protester "suffocated" after inhaling tear gas, and "died in the ambulance on his way to hospital.

"It was unclear if it was the same victim.Police fired tear gas and bird shot as the clashes intensified on a large avenue on the banks of the Nile, where police vehicles blocked the road.

Angry crowds hurled rocks at the police and threw a petrol bomb at a luxury five star hotel in the area that houses several embassies.

Egypt: Court confirms death sentences for 21 football fans

An Egyptian court confirmed on Saturday death sentences on 21 soccer fans for their role in a stadium riot in Port Said last year, a case which has provoked deadly clashes in the Suez Canal city.

The stadium deaths occurred in February 2012 at the end of a match between Cairo's Al-Ahly and Al-Masry, the local side, and have been a flashpoint for protests.

Unrest has plagued Port Said since the death sentences were first announced on Jan. 26, with local residents who want the fans spared fighting pitched battles with police. At least eight people have been killed this week, including three policemen.

The case has highlighted worsening law and order in much of Egypt since the overthrow of former PresidentHosni Mubarak two years ago.

The Islamist government of President Mohamed Mursi is struggling to halt the slide in security, hampered by a strike by some police in protests that are likely to be fuelled by Saturday's jail sentences for the senior officers.

Listing the names of the 21 fans, the judge said the Cairo court had confirmed "the death penalty by hanging". In a ruling on live TV, the court also sentenced five more people to life in jail for the riot and acquitted 28. Others out of a total of 73 defendants received shorter jail sentences.

Demonstrator killed in Egypt’s Port Said

A young man has been shot and killed in clashes near a police station in Port Said, a hospital source told AFP. Violent protests continue across Egypt despite the curfew that came as part of a state of emergency currently in effect there.

The man was killed as a crowd of protesters reportedly tried to attack a police station in Port Said.

"The youth died on his way to a hospital in the city of Zagazig," the source told AFP.

Thousands took to the streets of Port Said Monday during the funerals of the most recent victims of the clashes.

After Port Said's Sunday clashes ended in the deaths of seven people, President Morsi set curfews in the country's most volatile cities.

The 9pm to 6am curfew is currently in place in Port Said, Suez and Ismailia.

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