8 March 2013, 04:31

Beauty pageant in Russian prison to mark Women's Day

Beauty pageant in Russian prison to mark Women's Day

International Women's Day - March the 8th - is a big deal in Russia, where is it an official public holiday. Men and women alike gift flowers, postcards, and chocolates to their mothers, sisters, daughters and female friends. This year, a celebratory beauty pageant was put on at the Pereleshinskaya mixed penal colony.

Some Russian men do all the household chores and look after the kids on March the 8th, so that women can enjoy a full day of rest and pampering.

Six female prisoners, who took part in the competition at the Pereleshinskaya penal colony in the Voronezh Region, had their hair and make-up done by professional stylists.

They were judged on their catwalk, talent performances, cooking skills, and general look.

It was the first beauty competition of its kind in Russia with both women and men in the audience.

The organisers say that having men in the audience is great motivation for the participants.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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