1 March 2013, 13:14

iPhone app to test urine for diseases

iPhone app to test urine for diseases

An iPhone application to test urine for diseases using your smart phone will soon be released by Biosense Technologies.

Head of the company, Myshkin Ingawale, claims the uChek can detect up to 25 conditions, including diabetes, urinary tract infection, and pre-clampsia.

You won’t need to pee on your phone, the 29-year-old says. The app uses the phone's camera to analyze the urine upon six to ten criteria. These include levels of glucose, proteins, and ketones. The app will analyze a chemical strip that changes color as it reacts to your urine and show results and general recommendations on the monitor.

uChek will be available in App Store in late may at a price of $0,99, although a set of chemical strips will cost additional $20. Developers say they plan to launch it on Android and other platforms soon.

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