25 February 2013, 15:57

Major US Internet resources defenseless against hackers

Major US Internet resources defenseless against hackers

The world web is defenseless against the ingenious hacker. A series of cyber attacks against major US Internet resources at the beginning of February demonstrated that hackers are gradually reorienting cyber attacks to serve as geopolitical weapons. After Facebook reported that it had come under a “sophisticated hacker attack”, western media outlets said Chinese hackers had a hand in it.

According to IT expert Vladimir Konev, the Chinese could well have been involved considering their passion for illegal use of foreign IT technologies.

"China has often been blamed for hacking Internet resources in order to steal data. It has an extensive network of programming and hacking schools."

Given that China is the US’ major geopolitical adversary, hacking on the part of Beijing fits in with the current system of global confrontation fairly well. Nevertheless, Washington has other foes and these foes, interested in spoiling relations between the two global players, could be behind cyber attacks as well. Yekaterina Aksenova, an IT security expert with the Strateg website designers, comments.

"Directed against high-profile websites, such cyber attacks evoke a wide-ranging reaction from the web community. The direciton of the attack can be easily falsified. Since it’s fairly easy to manipulate data in the cyber space, the cyber attacks in question did not necessarily come from China."

The recent hacker attacks are but a warm-up, Yekaterina Aksenova says, the worst ones lie ahead.

"Anonymous and semi-anonymous attacks will be replaced by meaningful ones, which would make sense and secure a certain impact on their addressees. At present, they are nothing but a prelude, a mass-scale exercise aimed to hone the strategy and tactics of a future action which will be launched for achieving political or economic goals."

IT expert Vladimir Konev believes that cyber attacks on US resources are launched to secure financial gains.

"Since most financially active users are concentrated on US websites, these resources are particularly attractive for hackers."

Meanwhile, experts predict that cyber crime will expand and that means of protection against it will change. This, they say, could completely eliminate anonymity on the Internet, or occasionally shut entire nations out of the global network.

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