11 January 2013, 19:44

Syrian opposition lays claim to Assad assets

Syrian opposition lays claim to Assad assets

In a statement published by France Presse Friday, the National Coalition of the Syrian Opposition that was put together at a meeting held in Qatar in November said it has a right to send delegates to the UN and the Arab League and will also seek control of the foreign assets of the Assad clan.

Many Western and Arab powers have already recognized the Coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people and promised support to it.

In Syria, meanwhile, many rebel factions refuse to take orders from the Coalition.

Voice of Russia, RIA


Syrian opposition calls on Russia to abandon al-Assad

Syria's main opposition bloc Friday called on Russia to stop insisting that President Bashar al-Assad be included in any political solution to the country's crisis.

"We are hopeful that the Russians would soon come to the same conclusion reached by (UN envoy Lakhdar) Brahimi and the US that al-Assad cannot be part of the solution," Walid al Bunni, the spokesman for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, told dpa from Budapest.

"Al-Assad must be brought to a criminal court to be tried for war crimes and the killing of some 60,000 Syrians," he added.

Voice of Russia, dpa

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