10 January 2013, 16:23

Putin checks on Russia's Arctic Fleet in Severomorsk

Putin checks on Russia's Arctic Fleet in Severomorsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived in the northern coastal city of Severomorsk where he took part in the ceremony of awarding the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky with a prestigious Nakhimov order.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Russian strongman vowed that the country would continue revamping its fleet and pledged to increase the rate of renovations in the Russian Navy.

“A stronger and more effective Navy is one of the key Russian priorities,” Mr. Putin announced.

“In the upcoming years, the Russian Navy will receive over a hundred of new warships and submarines of different classes,” he said, stressing that the industry was up to the task.

Vladimir Putin also pointed out that Russian shipyards were building new vessels, while design bureaus were working on cutting-edge navy equipment.

The Russian leader is also expected to hold a video conference with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who went to Severodvinsk to induct the brand-new nuclear submarine, Yuri Dolgoruky, into the Russian Navy.

Severomorsk is the main base of the country’s Northern Fleet located on the Kola Peninsula beyond the Arctic Circle.

The city of Severomorsk lies on the eastern coast of the navigable Kola Bay in the Barents Sea.

Yuri Dolgoruki nuclear sub joins Russia fleet

The Borei class tactical nuclear submarine Yury Dolgoruky has officially joined the Russian Navy.

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu took part in a solemn ceremony of inducting the Yuri Dolgoruky into the Russian fleet and saw the Russian Navy colours raised above the submarine.

The Rubin Bureau (General Designer S. N. Kovalyov) designed the fourth-generation strategic missile-carrying submarine Yuri Dolgoruky. The submarine's construction started at Sevmash in 1996. Submarines of Project "Borei" are built with modern engineering solutions, which improve hydrodynamics of the hull and significantly cut the level of noise. The Yuri Dolgoruky was the 129th nuclear submarine built at Sevmash and delivered to the Navy.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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