23 December 2012, 01:14

Execution of Ukrainian woman in Syria postponed until December 26

Execution of Ukrainian woman in Syria postponed until December 26

Syrian gunmen who abducted Ukrainian journalist Ankhar Kochneva have postponed her execution until 26 December. They confirmed the ranson sum for her release is $ 50 million.

Prior to that, the rebels had repeatedly insisted they were not motivated by monetary issues. The terrorists said that the Ukrainian side had not communicated with them for more than a week.

Previously, they intended to execute Kochneva on 13th December, yet on the 17th they announced a postponement of the execution for another week.

The Ukrainian had worked as a freelance reporter in Syria, accompanying Ukrainian journalists visiting the country, and collaborating with a number of Russian media outlets. She was abducted in October.

Russia for stopping kidnapping foreigners in Syria

Russia’s Foreign Ministry is demanding that the UN Security Council should immediately react to cases of kidnapping foreigners in Syria. This is what the ministry’s spokesman Alexander Lukashevich announced on Thursday. “Leaders of groups that are opposed to President Bashar Assad should be made not to perform actions that run counter to international norms,” Mr. Lukashevich said.

On December 17, unidentified people kidnapped 3 employees of a steelmaking company – 2 Russians and 1 Italian – on a highway between the Syrian cities of Homs and Tartus.

Earlier, Ukrainian Ankhar Kochneva was kidnapped. Now, her kidnappers are threatening to kill her.

“I believe that those who fight for their aims with such methods must not be let to power in Syria,” Alexander Lukashevich added.

Syrian rebels delay execution of Ukrainian reporter

Syrian rebel fighters have delayed the execution of a Ukrainian reporter Ankhar Kochneva, who was kidnapped in October, claiming they are giving Ukraine another chance to meet their demands.

The spokesman for the rebels failed to specify the demands. Kochneva has covered developments in Syria since the outbreak of the conflict, and she also cooperated with many Russian mass media.

Syrian rebels urged to release captured reporter

The Kremlin’s Human Rights Council has joined the White House, the Reporters Without Borders and the International Press Institute in urging the Syrian rebels to immediately release captured Ukrainian journalist Ankhar Kochneva.

She was abducted in October by members of the so-called Free Syrian Army. Her captors demanded a ransom of $50mln.

Voice of Russia, TASS, RIA


Western backed Free Syrian Army has crossed the line

John Robles

The Free Syrian Army has committed an affront to all humanity by kidnapping and threatening to execute a female Ukrainian journalist and announcing that they will kill all Russians and Ukrainians they find in Syria. This could be taken to be akin to a declaration of war, obviously the armed insurgents in Syria have been emboldened to a point that they have stepped into an area where they are beyond the law.

With the terrorists also threatening Russian and Ukrainian Diplomatic Missions this could set off a chain of events that may pull the Russian Federation directly into the conflict. If the lives of Russians are at risk Russia has the right to protect its citizens and to assist unaligned Ukraine if there is such a request.

The world knows the Free Syrian Army is supported by the US and the West and if the Russian Federation was forced to consider entering Syria militarily this would make such a decision extremely dangerous. The security, in this case for the diplomatic missions, lies with Syria as does the freeing of the hostage, but if the Syrian Government hypothetically requests Russian assistance, how will this affect the position of the US and the West who have battle groups poised to invade the country at a moment’s notice?

If you are pretending to be my friend but paying and supporting criminals who have threatened to kill my family and loved ones then wouldn’t it be logical to say that you are my enemy and that if I want to save my loved ones then I should neutralize the threat, including you?

Take this to a larger level and consider that Russia has dealt in a civilized manner with the backers of the so called Free Syrian Army, terrorists, killers and mercenaries operating in Syria and who openly threaten to kill Russians, Ukrainians and Iranians, attack and kill civilians and execute unarmed civilians, in reality what would the reaction be? If the Free Syrian Army had kidnapped an American and threatened to destroy the US and UK Missions, what would the reaction be?

One might argue that the Free Syrian Army which has effectively declared war on Russia, Ukraine and Iran, and since they are backed by the West this might appear to be a proxy declaration. The US of course would not declare war on Russia or Iran. Formal Declarations of War are not something the US does, just like they did not declare war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria and Iran.

For all of the cowboy diplomacy of the West and their macho bravado and military might the men hiding in their comfortable bunkers and command rooms and expensive suburban homes are slippery creatures who fight their battles by proxy and use pretexts designed and carried out in secret. They will therefore provide material and financial support to terrorist organizations such as the Free Syrian Army when it is expedient, but will they back away from their proxies now that they have stated “Let not a single Russian, Ukrainian or Iranian come out of Syria alive”?

The US Government has officially recognized an umbrella group of mainly foreign terrorist organizations, as the official representative of the Syrian people, and almost immediately the main US surrogate threatens to execute a Ukrainian woman journalist. IF you had doubts before, have no doubt now, these are not “freedom fighters” they are coward criminals. Who would execute a woman? Not even any self-respecting Muslim terrorist extremist would stoop so low.

The journalist who was kidnapped, Anhar Kochneva has been stationed in Syria for years and has been instrumental in getting the true picture out of Syria on many occasions, one reason why she is obviously a target for the West and its surrogates as they continue their information war to justify an invasion. She has done work for several Russian media outlets, including the NTV, RenTV and RT television channels and the Utro.Ru news portal and according to RIA Novosti has been a vocal supporter of President Bashar Al Assad.

According to the site Syria News online “That the joint statement of the Reporters Without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), ARTICLE 19, the International Press Institute also calls on the British, French and US governments as well as on the European Union (UN) to work with “their” external staged Syrian opposition in order to facilitate the release of the journalist Anhar Kochneva is also not surprising. It either shows who are the masterminds and supporters behind the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or who is really responsible for this (expletive) situation in Syria.”

In normal world we might see Russian and Ukrainian Special Forces alongside Syrian Special Services launching a rescue operation and wiping out the Free Syrian Army for making the declarations they have made, surely if the same thing happened to America, that would be the case, but as we all know who is behind all of this we know that this would kick off what might well be Word War III, something no one wants.

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