6 December 2012, 09:57

Japan deploys PAC 3 missiles on Ishigaki island, south of Okinawa

Japan deploys PAC 3 missiles on Ishigaki island, south of Okinawa

As announced earlier, Japan has delivered two Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC 3) surface-to-air missile systems to the island of Ishigaki, some 400 kilometers southwest of Okinawa, in order to intercept a threat arising from the planned North Korean rocket launch.

On Saturday, the country's defense ministry put Japan’s armed forces on standby ahead of the planned North Korean missile launch slated for December10-22.

According to local news outlets, Aegis warships are also being deployed in Japanese waters.

North Korea has claimed the launched missile will place satellite into orbit for peaceful purposes, however the major powers suspect it is a coverup for the country's ntercontinental ballistic missiles. 

Japan to deploy missile-carriers ahead of planned rocket launch by North Korea 

Japan will deploy three destroyer ships in the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan.

The ships are equipped with missile tracking systems and long-range anti-aircraft missiles capable of intercepting a North Korean space rocket Pyongyang is planning to launch next week.

The rocket will be destroyed if it crosses the Japanese airspace. Earlier North Korea unveiled plans to launch an artificial satellite later this month. Washington, Seoul and Tokyo suspect that it might be an intercontinental ballistic missile test.

North Korea is banned by UN Security Council resolutions from using ballistic missiles.

Japan military on standby ahead of N.Korea rocket launch

Japan’s defense ministry has announced it will deploy four Patriot missile systems in southern Okinawa and two adjoining islands ahead of the long-range rocket launch slated by Pyongyang for December 10-22.

It is also planning to dispatch four Aegis warships to the area, Japanese military has said.

In addition, several PAC 3 surface-to-air systems will be put on standby outside Tokyo. Japanese radars will be tracking the whereabouts of the North Korean rocket carrier together with a US surveillance satellite, which will be transmitting data directly to Tokyo.

Japan is also going to use an emergency satellite message system called J-Alert to inform people about the launch.

Training alert on Japanese island ahead of N.Korea's rocket launch

On Wednesday, a training alert was announced on the island of Ishigaki in southern Japan in connection with the upcoming launch of a North Korean rocket.

Earlier this month, Pyongyang signaled its readiness to launch a rocket with a satellite on board between December 10 and 22.

Japan and its Western allies claim that this will be the launch of a ballistic missile.

Moscow has urged Pyongyang to give up the launch.

North Korean rocket ready

North Korean experts have completed the process of setting up a three stage "Shohei" rocket on the launch pad which according to North Korea will be used to launch a research satellite.

Relevant information is being circulated in South Korean media. According to the Yonhap News Agency, work on installing the rocket on the launch pad was completed Wednesday morning.

Installation of the first stage was completed on Monday, and the second stage on Tuesday.

The international community suspects that the space program of the DPRK is a cover to conduct ballistic missile tests.

In April there was an unsuccessful launch that was condemned by many countries.

Russia has urged North Korea to give up the planned launch.

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