1 December 2012, 23:17

1 killed, 24 injured during rally in Cairo

1 killed, 24 injured during rally in Cairo

One person was killed and 24 injured during a rally of President Mohammed Morsi’s supporters in Cairo on Saturday.

This happened when a large group of people climbed a tree to have a better view of those who spoke at the rally, and the tree broke and fell on the crowd.

The killed man, 47 years old, was one of those who climbed the tree.

All the injured people were taken to hospital.

The rally was held by the party “Muslim Brothers”, of which President Morsi is a member, and a number of other Islamists parties. The rally’s aim was to express support to President Morsi, who recently broadened his authorities by a number of decrees, after which the opposition accused him of being autocratic.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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