22 November 2012, 13:56

Opposition plans a rally to mark 8th anniversary of ‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine

Opposition plans a rally to mark 8th anniversary of ‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine

The eighth anniversary of Ukraine's Orange Revolution will be marked by a rally on the historic Kiev’s Maidan (Independence Square) organized by the opposition.

“This year, we will not conduct celebrations because there is nothing to celebrate with the current authoritarian regime in our state. We will mark the eighth anniversary of the Orange Revolution and the second anniversary of the Tax Maidan and the Freedom Day, which has been taken away from us. It will be most likely a tough rally similar to last year's,” Serhiy Melnyk, head of the Orange Revolution Coalition Participants, said Wednesday.

The rally was authorized by the Kyiv City State Administration, he added.

The Orange Revolution stands for a series of protests took place in Ukraine from late November 2004 to January 2005, shortly after the outcomes of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election were announced.

According to reports of domestic and foreign monitors the vote between leading candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych was not fair. This prompted a wave of protests across the country, demanding a revote.

In December 2004 Ukraine's Supreme Court annulled the results of the original vote that brought Viktor Yanukovych a victory and ordered a revote.

The final results of the revote showed a clear victory for Yushchenko, who received about 52% of the vote, compared to Yanukovych’s 44%.

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