18 November 2012, 08:56

UNSC meets on Congo

UNSC meets on Congo

In an emergency session on Saturday, the UN Security Council demanded an end to fighting by the "March 23 Movement" (M23) in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, due to the worsening situation in the country.

Earlier on Saturday, the army of Congo was forced to leave the city after militants supported by the army of neighboring Rwanda attacked Kibumba.

The Security Council demanded the immediate cessation of any outside support to the rebels from abroad. However, the Security Council members, expressed their intention to impose additional sanctions against the leaders of the group M23 and those who violate the sanctions regime and arms embargo against the rebels.

The origins of the conflict between the DRC and Rwanda have their roots in 1994, when the genocide of Tutsis by Hutus killed at least 800,000 people the territory of Rwanda.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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