16 November 2012, 11:24

Israel committed 'pure war crime' - Palestinian delegation chief, interview

Israel committed 'pure war crime' - Palestinian delegation chief, interview

Maen Rashid Areikat, a Palestinian diplomat and present chief of the PLO Delegation in Washington DC spoke with Voice of Russia's Rob Sachs to give both the official and personal view of the situation. He argues that using F-16s, tanks, and heavy artillery against predominantly civilian Palestinian population can't be called a self defense.

As we’ve been reporting all day, Israelis and Palestinians have been shooting across the border between Southern Israel and Gaza. We’ve just heard from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in our international news and now we want to hear a little bit from the Palestinian side. On the line now is Maen Areikat, he’s the chief of the PLO Delegation in Washington D.C. What do you make of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s allegations that Gaza is becoming a terrorist stronghold?

This is nothing new from the Prime Minister who is evidently trying to destabilize the region just before the Israeli elections. Palestinians have always been an easy target for the Israelis in order to win the support of extreme and hard-line quotas in Israel and also to divert attention from the core issues, like the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and their refusal to the Palestinians to become independent and free. He’s saying that this is a self-defense. I don’t understand in which way using F16, tanks, missiles, artillery shells against civilian population can be a self-defense. This is a very pure war-crime committed by the Israeli government.

But there have been deaths of the Israelis, as well, from the rocket fire. If it’s clearly one-sided, why do rockets keep coming from Gaza?

Keep in mind – this is something that you need to remember – it was Israelis who started this new cycle of violence…

To read the full interview, visit American Edition of the Voice of Russia

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