15 November 2012, 05:21

US not to recognize the opposition in Syria - Obama

US not to recognize the opposition in Syria - Obama

The United States is not prepared to consider the opposition Syrian National Coalition as a "government in exile". This statement was made on Wednesday, by US President Barack Obama at his first press conference at the White House after being re-elected.

The US leader also said that Washington is not considering the issue of sending the Syrian rebels weapons, as there are fears that they will fall into the hands of extremists.

At the news conference, Obama also touched upon the Iranian nuclear issue. He said that it should be solved diplomatically.

Referring to the main issue of domestic policy, Obama again said he did not reject the idea of raising taxes for the super-rich in the US, who currently enjoy a reduced rate of taxation.

Obama pledges to push comprehensive immigration reform

President Barack Obama said Wednesday he expected to introduce a bill for comprehensive immigration reform soon after his inauguration to a second term, saying "we need to seize the moment."

Obama, speaking at his first White House news conference since his re-election November 6, noted that in the past immigration reform has enjoyed bipartisan support.

"So we need to seize the moment," he said. "My expectation is that we get a bill introduced and a bill introduced and we begin the process in Congress, very soon after my inauguration."

Obama defends Rice over Benghazi attacks

President Barack Obama on Wednesday hit out at "outrageous" criticism of the US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, who is under fire over the militant attack on the US mission in Libya.

Refusing to say if he planned to pick her to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Obama defended Rice saying she had done "exemplary work" representing US interests and for Republicans "to besmirch her reputation is outrageous."

'Obligation to future generations' to act on climate: Obama

President Barack Obama promised Wednesday for a fresh push to reduce carbon dioxide emissions blamed for climate change, calling it an "obligation to future generations."

"What I'm going to be doing over the next several weeks, next several months, is having a conversation, a wide ranging conversation with scientists, engineers, and elected officials to find out what more can we do to make short-term progress in reducing carbons," Obama told a White House press conference.

Obama seeks comprehensive deal on US deficit

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he wants a comprehensive deal with Republicans to deal with the United States' long-term fiscal challenges.

Obama said the priority remains to bridge the year-end fiscal cliff, but added "let's also then commit ourselves to the broader package of deficit reduction that includes entitlement changes and it includes potentially tax reform.

"It want a big deal. I want a comprehensive deal."

Obama ready for compromise to avoid fiscal cliff

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday he was ready to work closely with opposition Republicans on a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, with hopes for a deal before January 1.

"We face a clear deadline that requires us to make some big decision on jobs, taxes, and deficits by the end of the year... As I've said before, I'm open to compromise and I'm open to new ideas," he said at a press conference.

No security breach in Petraeus affair: Obama

US President Barack Obama gave his first public reaction Wednesday to the the fall of CIA chief David Petraeus, saying he was aware of no breach of national security during the affair.

"I have no evidence at this point from what I have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had negative impact on our national security," Obama told a news conference.

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