13 November 2012, 22:04

Texas, Louisiana get enough signatures on secession petition to force Obama response

Texas, Louisiana get enough signatures on secession petition to force Obama response

Residents of at least 31 states have started petition drives to secede from the United States after President Obama’s reelection triumph. Texas leads the pack on the White House site with 62,630 signatures. This is far more than the 25,000 signatures needed to elicit an official response from the U.S. government. Louisiana also passed the 25,000 threshold with 27,028 signatures.

Since the White House “We the People” program gives any citizen the power to start a petition drive, any disgruntled Republican in any state has the ability to embarrass his or her state with impractical calls to secede from the U.S. As might be expected, the state of Texas leads the pack on the White House site. As of 8:45 this morning, the site had 62,630 signatures. This is far more than the 25,000 signatures needed to elicit an official response from the U.S. government. The signatures on the Texas petition mean that some unfortunate White House official will now have to craft a response from the Obama administration, as explained in the following statement:

“The right to petition your government is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We the People provides a new way to petition the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues facing our country. We created We the People because we want to hear from you. If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.”

Louisiana also passed the 25,000 threshold with 27,028 signatures. Behind Texas and Louisiana, the other leading secession threats are:

South Carolina, 13,888

Arkansas, 13,207

Georgia, 17,807

Tennessee, 17, 356

Colorado, 13,171

Alabama, 17,897

Florida, 19,135

North Carolina, 16,794


Those who want to secede from US should write to Obama

Andrey Fedyashin, Vitaly Radnayev

It is hard to believe but the number of Americans who would like their states to secede from the US is rapidly growing. After the elections on the 6th of November, the number of such people exceeded 100,000 on a special White House website We the People. This does not mean that the US is swept by separatist moods. The majority of the population believes that a ‘divorce’ is required to escape from the yoke of the Federal Government. Americans dislike official Washington, so the growing number of rebels is something like an amusing way of expressing popular protest, which began as a joke.

Up until recently, the list of states that wanted to secede consisted of 20 names. Some of them were large, such as Texas and New York. The list also included New Jersey, both Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and others.

On the 13th of November, eight other ‘rebels’ were added to the list, among them California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Still, this kind of ‘protest’ should not be taken seriously, Vice President of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Artyom Malgin believes.

“This kind of ‘information actions’ during election campaigns should be understood as political jokes that would have no consequences at all. In any country, any foolish idea could be offered to the population and there would be some eccentric individuals who would support it.”

The problem is, though, that this action is slowly acquiring the status of a not exactly clever idea. The White House initiated the website We the People (these are the opening words of the US Constitution) with the best of intentions, to be more exact, to give Americans direct access to the Presidential Administration, so that the Administration could see what American people would like to be changed. Barack Obama promised to make his Administration unprecedentedly open already before the election of 2008 and he has been as good as his word.

The website turned 1 year recently. Any American aged over 13 can send a petition. If it has 150 signatures it is entitled to being posted on the website. With 5,000 signatures, as the White House promised, it turns into an official document and should have a response, sometimes even a personal response from the US president.

The number of signatures under some petitions of secession exceeds 10-15,000. What originally looked like an innocent frolick is turning into something serious. A week has passed since many of the petitions were received but still there has not been any official response. Obviously, the White House did not realize what it was bargaining for.

18 states filed petitions to secede from the U.S.

One day after the presidential election had taken place, a Louisiana resident filed a petition requesting that Louisiana be allowed to secede from the United States to “create [their] own new government.” Now 18 states have already made similar requests. Experts say these petitions are “a physical symbol of the deep resentment for the direction in which the United States is moving under the Obama administration.”

The Louisiana petition created on November 7 has obtained more than 12,000 on-line signatures already.

On November 9 “Micah H.” from Arlington, Texas, filed his petition at the White House “We the People” site requesting the same for Texas “in order to protect the standard of living Texans now enjoy”. Over 15,000 Texas residents have already signed the petition.

On November 10 “Kristopher W” of Tillamook, Oregon, opened his petition saying “the people of Oregon would like the chance to vote on leaving the Union immediately.” He explains: “The Federal Government has imposed policies on Oregon that are not in Oregon's best interests.” The petition has less than 3,000 on-line signatures by now.

Other petitions were filed from 13 states.

Now each petition has 30 days to reach a threshold of 25,000 signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request.

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