2 November 2012, 11:00

US Internet attacks due to corrupt campaign laws – exclusive interview with Anonymous, part 2

US Internet attacks due to corrupt campaign laws – exclusive interview with Anonymous, part 2
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A significant "random set" of the Anonymous collective shared their views on the US government’s constant control and censorship of information and the discrediting of alternative channels of information, as well as their opinion on the media, copyrights, and file sharing. They hacktivists claimed that ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and other attacks on freedom of expression, as it exists online, are the result of corrupt democratic processes. The Anonymous members polled gave the VOR some more details on Project Mayhem 2012 and TYLER and when asked about Russia gave a candid and surprising answer for a group that categorically does not get involved in poltics.

Interview Part 1


Robles: "Can you go into some of the steps that the US Government and other governments have gone to in order to control and censor the flow of information worldwide?"

Anonymous: Yes (and No). Best examples: ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, CETA, TRAPWIRE, INDECT (Europe) and and and ... not to forget patriot act and NDAA. The steps are very obvious. False Flag ops by the feds are quite easy to carry out. Just a simple e.g. It is unlikely real Anons would make bomb threats as per this video.

It’s pretty obvious this is a false flag op to discredit Anonymous and to try control the web - specifically to control the flow of alternative media. Because the Main Stream Media (MSM) is not only complicit but owned by the ruling elite. The MSM is the New World Order. ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and other attacks of the freedom of expression as it exists online are the result of a corrupt democratic process that exists in the United States. ALL of those bills/treaties were personally authored by lobbyists that spend MILLIONS of dollars yearly in the form of campaign contributions.

In the US politicians are able to get into office through campaign contributions from an industry, then push legislation on their behalf and then retire from their elected positions into their employment. Please see two articles about this problem.

All attacks on the Internet are due to corrupt campaign finance laws in the United States. Period. The same individuals that attacked the introduction of VHS and CDs are perpetrating the laws against the Internet. They basically attack any new technology because it is cheaper than altering their own outdated business plans.

Robles: "What is the Anonymous position on the media, on copyrights, on file sharing and on content?"

Anonymous: The media is more interested in hacking or ddos things. Rethink Occupy Wallstreet, there was a big media blackout for many weeks on it (sep the 17th). Copy...what? Anonymous "stands" for no censorship, free information and free opinion/speech. The MSM is owned by the big 6 Media Conglomerates and the world is run by 147 companies that Control Everything.

This is no coincidence, given these facts, the media is controlled by only a few and for their agenda. There’s no freedom of the press as such. Hence why alternative media is exploding. We do not trust the MSM to tell truths they only tell what the bankers that own them want us to hear. It’s called 'Our Brand" Joe six pack is smarter than they would like but won’t allow the populous to grow.


Robles: What about copyrights?

Anonymous: As for copyrights? Why is it the Government's job to police or SWAT team for corporations’ copyrights (with our tax money).

For example, if I'm selling Christian Dior perfume 'copy' it should be up to Christian Dior to sue me for infringing their brand; second e.g. If I was a mum and dad operator with a butchery and branded a lamb steak and Wal-Mart copied it. There is no way the authorities would take action. Reverse that and I would get SWAT teamed!!

The people that are perpetuating copyright laws are not doing so on behalf of artists. Take for instance, the case of the artist 50-Cent, who had a website owned by his record company and also ran his own independent website. The company, who lobbied for legislation such as SOPA, ACTA and PIPA listed his personal site as one that infringed upon their copyrights. They were actually attacking their own artists for attempting to promote themselves. They are not doing this to support artists; they are doing it to protect their profits because they are threatened by advancements in technology. They are unwilling to adapt.

Robles: "What are some of the other events that are being planned in the context of project Mayhem?"

Anonymous: Project Mayhem 2012 will NEVER do ANYTHING illegal to achieve any goals. (Keep in mind all events will NEED the participation of MILLIONS of citizens worldwide.) 'Dangerous Idea 1' involves leaking information onto TYLER from December, 12th - December, 21st. For this event we will need the participation from whistleblowers worldwide.

'Dangerous Idea 2' Dare to Kreate: is a call to CREATE the SEEDS of something beautiful: be that a wallpaper, a stencil, a game, a beautifully positive and enlightening video, explaining what is Project Mayhem 2012 for them and what would they like to see happening 12.21.2012 11:11 worldwide.

Next up is 'Dangerous Idea 3'. A possible global economic meltdown might soon be on its way, for this event (which will occur on 12.21.2012) we are asking citizens worldwide to remove their money from their bank accounts and switch to an alternative currency.

'Dangerous Idea 4'. This event will be a celebration in a sense, on 12.21.2012 Anonymous will organize massive flash mobs to occupy Parliaments worldwide, not to simply protest but to celebrate our accomplishments. For the lulz of course!

Last but not least, "Dangerous Idea V", who is still a mystery at the moment...MayBee TYLER kNWOs

Robles: "What country in the world does Anonymous feel has the freest system?"

Anonymous: It is not about some best system. It is - again - about things we see that are of concern. No matter where they happen. It is about rethinking what has become of democracy and how we - the people - want to raise or children. Will it be in a free society, where free minds are welcome or will it be at some place of fear where the interests of big players who want to get money out of everything will be controlling without giving an individual enough space to even breathe?

By using the word "terrorism" and creating fear among public, certain organizations try nothing more than oppress society on long term. But we won't give up our freedoms just for the illusion that someone else knows "what is good" for us anyway. In the end it’s a global Government run by the banks; Rothschild’s Rockefellers JP Morgan’s Goldman’s etc.

Soon we will see a one-world-government with a one-world-currency. Regardless of where we are. The laws will be policed by that one world Government. Their surveillance has already started to be put in place i.e. Trapwire and Indect, hence the importance of Operation BigBrother.

Robles: "What is the Anonymous position/opinion on the Russian Federation, the Russian net, and the flow of information to, from and within the Russian Federation?"

Anonymous: FREE Pussy Riot!!! Putin has been a shock though. He has thrown out the Rothschild’s central banking system and has wiped Africa's debt. This is stunning and very dangerous. The NWO will attempt to overthrow him. Hence the so-called protests.

As per the CIA instigated Arab Spring. Watch the video  The Revolution Business is exactly that.

Robles: Is there anything else you feel is important, please.

Anonymous: Anonymous is not your personal army. United we stand divided we fall. You can't arrest an idea. Tyler is just the beginning not the End of #PM2012 | we won’t stop coding we won’t stop fighting against injustice.

TYLER’s release date is not on December, 21st. The actual release date is on December, 12. The release will take place after beta testing and code audits and the choosing of the best Tyler candidate. This is necessary and should take place by December 11. 

Every so often we hear about this 'Incoming Cyber Attack', the first of which was brought up by NSA, claiming Anonymous is organizing a massive cyber 'attack'. Since Project Mayhem 2012 was not known as it is today, Anons within the collective sent out responses to this accusation via Twitter and Youtube claiming it is all hype possibly to pass cyber security legislation, even though the specifics of this attack by Anonymous were not mentioned the claim was quite obvious. So next time DHS, NSA or FBI falsely cry out cyber attack, you now know why.

Also the most important thing to remember: Project Mayhem 2012 will NEVER ever suggest you to do anything ILLEGAL and/or anything against your own Consciousness. You are Anonymous You are Project Mayhem.

12.21.2012, 11:11 AM  The End of Fear

"Anybody kNWOs that the people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people." - John Lennon. Imagine we wake up.


We are Anonymous. 

We are Legion. 

We do not forgive. 

We do not forget. 

Expect us. 


iMAGIne. aCKt.


Dear Reader,

The digitized voice in this interview is to protect the identity of the speaker who wishes to remain anonymous and who is speaking for a significant yet random segment of the entire movement or group. After the publication of our last interview I requested audio, if it was possible. Due to security concerns it was impossible to conduct a normal phone interview. The answers above reflect the opinion of a significant number, yet "random set", of the entire group after a week of polling them, as opposed to our earlier text interview which was more limited in scope as to the number of participants.

Anonymous refers to the collective consciousness of the group as the "hivemind" and very clearly states that to properly get feedback would require the participation of over 9,000 Anons. To be certain that they were speaking for as many members as possible, Anononymous polled members over the course of the last couple of weeks and collectively answered each of the questions. The digitized voice reflects the Anononymous collective but as the speaker is also anonymous can not be considered the "Official Voice of Anonymous".



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