2 September 2012, 14:47

APEC summit week: Vladivostok hosts Youth Forum

APEC summit week: Vladivostok hosts Youth Forum

Senior officials and young delegates representing the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum have gathered in Russia’s Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok to give a start to a week full of talks on the most pressing economic and political issues.

The APEC summit itself is taking place on September 8-9. On the first day of the APEC summit week Russia has put forward some initiatives.

The head of the department for Asia and Africa at the Russian Economic Development Ministry Sergei Chernyshev told journalists about the initiatives Russia has outlined. First of all, Moscow suggests adopting equal rules regulating the certification of fishery products for APEC member countries to fight poaching. Secondly, to set up a body comprising investment ombudsmen who would represent the APEC economies. Other initiatives are yet to come. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov comments:

"The Asia-Pacific region is currently one of the most economically promising areas. It accounts for 20% of the global economic growth, that is why so many countries bet on the Asia-Pacific when it comes to discussing possible ways out of existing financial difficulties."

The APEC Youth Forum delegations have already held their first meeting. The agenda of the forum is similar to the one which awaits ‘big leaders’ next weekend. Chairwoman of the APEC Youth Forum organization committee Alexandra Datomir comments:

"Like APEC heads of states, we will adopt our declaration and submit it to the guests during the forum`s closing ceremony. We hope that our ideas will be taken into consideration by APEC economic leaders." 

APEC leaders are expected to arrive in Vladivostok on September 6. The Russian delegation will be led by President Vladimir Putin. Major talks are going to take place on the Russky Island, where a special campus was built to host the summit. To get there, the guest will have to cross the world`s biggest cable-stayed bridge across the Golden Horn Bay.

Senior APEC officials meet ahead of Vladivostok summit

Senior officials of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization are meeting in Vladivostok in far-eastern Russia ahead of the upcoming APEC summit scheduled for September 8-9.

Sunday’s session will finalize ultimate recommendations for the heads of state and government of the 21-member APEC.

A youth forum will be held within the framework of the summit, the first such event to be hosted by Russia.

APEC summit opens in Vladivostok

Senior officials’ meeting opened on Sunday the 2012 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit Russia’s Far East.

The APEC summit is taking place on the Russky Island in the city of Vladivostok in Russia’s Primorye Region on September 2 to 9.

“I’m really pleased to welcome you to this beautiful city of Vladivostok. We are now at Russky Island where our Leaders will get together in just less then one week,” Igor Morgulov, a Russian deputy foreign minister, said opening the meeting.

This is the first time Russia, an APEC member since 1998, is hosting the summit of the group, created in 1989 to promote economic cooperation among the countries and regions - such as Taipei and Hong Kong - of the Pacific Rim.


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