28 August 2012, 17:07

Kremlin Palace welcomes ballet stars

Kremlin Palace welcomes ballet stars

A festival of classic ballet will take place in Moscow’s most prestigious hall – the Kremlin Palace – from August 28 till September 26. Its organizers are the Kremlin Ballet company.

The list of the ballet stars from all over the world, who will take part in this festival, is really impressive – soloists of the London Covent Garden, the English National Ballet, the Berlin Staatsballett and the ballet of the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater.

In some points, this festival may be viewed as a continuation of a project which the Kremlin Ballet company presented in Athens last year. That time, the Russian company presented only one ballet – Tchaikovsky’s famous “Swan Lake”, but it was performed 22 times, and each time with a different pair of dancers as the two main characters. Some of these dancers were ballet stars from various theater companies of the world.

The audience in Athens enjoyed this project, and the head of the Kremlin Ballet company Andrey Petrov, together with soloist of the London Covent Garden Theater David Mahateli, decided to launch a similar project in Moscow.

However, the Moscow project is even more large-scale than the one in Athens. This time, the program will include not only one, but six ballets, including “The Swan Lake”.

A performance of “The Swan Lake” will be the opening event of the festival. The main part, that of a girl who was turned into a swan by a wicked magician, will be danced by Daria Klimentova, a star of the English National Ballet.

Judging by Daria Klimentova’s name, one may think that she is a Russian citizen. But in reality, Daria was born in the Czech Republic and has never been in Russia. However, her current dancing partner, with whom she has been performing in London for already 3 years, Vadim Muntagirov, was born in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

“To make an ideal artistic pair, a ballerina and her partner should establish a contact between themselves,” Vadim Muntagirov says. “Only then they will establish a contact with the public. Daria and I have very little time to get ready for the performance in Moscow – but we don’t in fact need much time, because we have already established a perfect understanding between ourselves.”

Daria and Vadim will present a version of “The Swan Lake”, staged by well-known UK choreographer Derek Deane. Meanwhile, Italian dancer Federico Bonelli and his Russian partner Natalya Balakhnicheva are going to dance the main parts in “Romeo and Juliet”, which will be staged by Russian choreographer Yuri Grigorovich.

“I hope that mastering the Russian style of ballet dancing will help me broaden my outlook,” Federico Bonelli says.

“Maestro Grigorivich is a real philosopher,” Federico says. “He tries to fill every movement of a dancer with hundreds of connotations. I hope that I will learn much from him. It is a big pleasure for me to perform in the Moscow Kremlin Palace.”

One may believe that it is really a pleasure for every dancer to perform in the Moscow Kremlin Palace, because the Russian public is very emotional and meets every successful movement of a dancer with applause. One can imagine what feelings fill a dancer when the whole hall of the Kremlin Palace, which holds 6,000 spectators, applauds him or her!

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