2 August 2012, 16:36

What is happening on the Turkey-Syria border?

What is happening on the Turkey-Syria border?

According to the reports that come from Turkey from the border town of Şanlıurfa military equipment is being pilled towards the border with Syria.

According to those reports, tanks and armored personnel vehicles of the 5th Armored Gaziantep Brigade are already located at the border.

Mehmet Ali Dag, a correspondent with the Ihlas News Agency located in the border region of Kilis, shared his view of the situation with the Voice of Russia.

"15 years ago the number of tanks and the military forces on the border with Syria was about 30 times higher. Those were safety measures against the possible terrorist attacks. Later the relations with Syria improved, and the military forces were pulled away from the border. Lately, since some of the border regions of Syria are seized by forces close to the Workers' Party of Kurdistan, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed missile defense systems, armored vehicles and other military equipment at strategically important points of the borderline as a safety measure. It was done for the sake of safety. In the past there was the state of Syria, with which negotiations could be held. Now there is no such state. There is an opposition, which itself is divided into 5-6 groups that cannot find accord between themselves."

Journalist Sedat Atilla from Şanlıurfa adds:

"Given the latest events in Syria and the seizure of some border towns, the Turkish Armed Forces began to pull military equipment to the border. In Şanlıurfa and the regions of Ceylanpınar and Akchekara Turkish military forces are also being built up."

The military keep a close watch over what is going in Syria. All emergencies are reported directly to the General Staff in Ankara. Meanwhile, Arab residents of Şanlıurfa pray that the disputes stop in Syria as soon as possible, democracy settles in and the bloodshed is stopped. Tent camps for refugees are organized in the regions of Ceylanpınar and Akchekara. To date, they have taken in about 15000 refugees.

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