09:32 GMT28 January 2021
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    One social media user suggested that, since Yellowstone “always kinda rumbles”, it's “an escalation of rumbles” that people should probably watch out for.

    A 3.2-magnitude earth quake rocked Yellowstone National Park in the US on Wednesday, the Daily Express reports.

    One social media user – who did not specify her location at the time of the quake – said she “felt a rumbling,” adding that while the US Geological Survey apparently did not detect any earthquakes in her general vicinity, Yellowstone seems "a bit active."

    ​"I thought I felt a rumbling as well," another netizen replied.

    ​Another person tweeted that Yellowstone "always kinda rumbles," adding that, since "an eruption is supposed to occur at anytime", the worry factor" should only increase when "an escalation of rumbles happens."

    ​Previously, Mike Poland, scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, warned that a super eruption of Yellowstone, like the ones that already happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, "would be very devastating to the central part of the US."

    He also noted, however, that the chances of such apocalyptic event actually taking place anytime soon are fairly low since they occur "once or twice every million years.”

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