06:57 GMT05 December 2020
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    Netizens stressed with the monotony of the prolonged US election vote counting were recently given a brief break when a doctored video showed a Pornhub push notification popping up on CNN’s “magic wall.”

    CNN chief national correspondent and “magic wall” whisperer John King appeared guilty in a viral social media video on Friday that showed him quickly swiping away a Pornhub notification.

    “CNN had pornhub pop up on national television,” said Twitter user @Mufaa6 on Friday. Similar accusations were made by other accounts early that morning.

    A “manipulated media” advisory was eventually slapped on the video by Twitter.

    Nevertheless, some netizens decided to use CNN and the fake Pornhub notification to get off some jokes and relieve themselves of election-related stress.

    Even with the “manipulated media” label, some Twitterers seemed to take the clip at face value - and things got a bit weird.

    While it was clear to many that the Pornhub logo was edited in, the possibility of such an occurrence does not seem too far-fetched, considering CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was caught giving his New Yorker coworkers an unintended peepshow during a video conference call just last month.


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