14:58 GMT12 July 2020
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    Several skeptics suggested that the lights in the video were merely CGI, not UFO, while others claimed that a similar phenomenon had been seen elsewhere.

    A pair of videos depicting flying lights of unclear origin that were apparently spotted in the sky over Florida have sparked intense discussion among social media users after emerging online.

    The footage in question was uploaded by Twitter user Roger O'Handley who named his "friend in Miami" as the source, and shows some kind of glowing, flying orb surrounded by smaller similar orbs which eventually move apart and disappear.

    A second, follow-up video shows a similar sight, with the person recording it apparently trying to provide more context by showing viewers the location the scene was being filmed at.

    Both vids quickly came under fire from skeptics who argued that the "flying lights" were merely CGI.

    One person, however, claimed that they have "videos of this in Arkansas"...

    ​...while another suggested that a similar sight was witnessed in Mexico's Oaxaca in the wake of a recent earthquake.

    ​And there was also no shortage of those who used this opportunity to crack alien- and space-related jokes.

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