09:56 GMT18 September 2020
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    Despite social distancing guidelines and a rising number of registered coronavirus cases in the region, US President Donald Trump went ahead with his first publicly-attended campaign rally in months, this time in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Twitterati mocked the low turnout at Trump's Tulsa rally, which was initially promoted as an event that would gather an enormous crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

    Prior to the rally, Trump boosted that an estimated 1,000,000 tickets for the event had been requested. The reality turns out to be less impressive, with the BOK centre a lot emptier than promoted - to the extent that planned outdoor events were cancelled.

    Netizens shared video in social media revealing that there were a lot less people in the stadium prior to the beginning of the program.

    ​Despite a Trump campaign assertion that the low turnout was because of "protesters interfering with supporters", the ridicule continued unabated.

    ​Some users noted that a greater amount of visitors might have been sticking to quarantine-developed habits.

    ​Some recalled Trump's tendency to blame what he refers to as the "lamestream media" for everything that he does not like.

    ​There were some optimists - at least a lot of nice seats were available.

    ​A TikTok post earlier urged people to reserve tickets and then leave them unused to see the empty stadium. Who knows, maybe it was the plan that worked out.


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