16:07 GMT19 January 2021
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    The 'dual tariff' regime will allow different levels of duty on imported foods and meats, depending on whether they meet current UK standards. Opening up the UK to the lightly-regulated US agriculture market has been a contentious issue in US-UK trade talks.

    The UK government is set to open British markets to allow imports of US chlorine-dipped chicken, as part of London's planned trade deal with US President Donald Trump, according to the Financial Times. 

    Downing Street has said that UK PM Boris Johnson is considering allowing the importation of US farm products that are produced to lower health standards than in the UK into British markets, as part of a “dual tariff regime.”

    Among the latter are hormone-fed beef and chlorinated chicken meat. In the framework of the deal, production could reportedly  be permitted to be imported from the US, with tariffs being implemented.

    Lower tariffs will be applied to food produced organically, in order to encourage foreign producers to raise their animal welfare to British standards, according to the Telegraph. 

    The National Farmers' Union said the scheme was "a significant step forwards" because it would protect the UK market and consumers from food produced below British standards. 

    However Brexiteers, such as International Trade Secretary Liz Truss who is overseeing the UK-US negotiations, would like to reduce these tariffs to zero over the next ten years to give UK farmers time to adjust, according to the Telegraph.

    The dual tariff regime was proposed on Monday at a ministerial meeting and will be put forward to the US as part of a post-Brexit trade deal.

    Twitter users shared their reactions under the trend #chlorinatedchicken.

    One tweeted that they would turn vegetarian rather than buy chlorinated chicken.

    ​Another suggested turning complete vegan.

    ​Another user expressed concerns of salmonella from consuming the products.

    ​One noted that British farmers must be protected.

    ​Another suggested that the low food production standards could cause of a COVID-20.

    ​One user suggested using local butchers.

    ​One concerned user warned that the NHS will be next.


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