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    In December, UFO fans were engaged in heated debates over a huge mysterious hole in Antarctica. The humongous structure, which users thought was an entrance to a secret military base, first appeared in 2007, but disappeared shortly afterwards. Twelve years later it reappeared on Google Maps.

    It seems that Antarctica has long attracted supporters of conspiracy theories since wild rumours emerged that high-ranking Nazi officers and possibly Adolf Hitler himself could have escaped and went to Antarctica, but in the 21st century the ice-covered region has become the most popular place for hunting aliens using Google’s services. Here is the list of the most intriguing discoveries.

    The Alien Face

    After seeing this, one may think that aliens actually want us to find them because how else can you explain a giant alien-like face on snow found in Antarctica via Google Earth? Footage whose authenticity cannot be verified posted on Instagram account ufo_scandinavia was quickly shared by social media users with some claiming that the structure was left by aliens or an ancient civilisation that lived in Antarctica.

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    Alien Ship

    YouTube user MrBB333 baffled UFO fans after he uncovered what he claims is a possible capsized ship in Antarctica. In a video posted on his channel, the man shows how he discovered a long cylindrical shape in the ground using Google Earth. “If you look towards the edges, it looks like some intelligent design and the centre bit looks like a hatch”, said MrBB333. He added that the structure also looks like it could be a submarine.

    Mysterious Disc-Shaped Object on Mountain

    Here is another discovery that messed with the heads of conspiracy theorists. In December of 2019, YouTube user Sandra Elena Andrade posted a video showing a huge black object that users thought was an alien ship. Naturally, the woman made her discovery using Google Earth.

    Ancient Alien City

    In 2018, co-author of YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon Blake Cousins claimed to have discovered an entrance to a subterranean base possibly owned by aliens. “It looks like each one has a cave or tunnel – I wonder if they’re all connected underneath the snow", he said of the dark shape he found on the snow. Social media users were divided on the issue with some backing Blake’s version, while others said that this could be a hiding spot for Nazis or a government project.

    Humungous Hole

    Authors of the channel thirdphaseofmoon stunned UFO fans again when in December of 2019 they discovered a mysterious hole on Google Maps, which first appeared in 2007 only to disappear shortly afterwards. According to Blake and Brett Cousins, this cave could potentially fit "hundreds, if not thousands of people". "It’s big enough for spacecraft and flying saucers or even assets in our military to fly into this massive opening”, Brett Cousins said.

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