13:12 GMT08 March 2021
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    A YouTube conspiracy theorist was excited by a video recording from November’s launch of Elon Musk’s cargo rocket boosting Starlink satellites into orbit, noticing a strangely-shaped object just beneath it.

    The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch livestream, part of the Starlink mission, raised the suspicions of a popular YouTube conspiracy theorist, known as Disclose Screen “The Grimreefar”, pointing to something strange passing by.

    According to the blogger, who has dedicated his channel to UFO sightings and searching for what he regards as the “truth out there”, a winged object resembling a certain mythological fire-breathing creature appears in the video lurking below the rocket as it reached the upper atmosphere. To emphasize his assertion, the blogger circled the dragon-shaped shadow in red.

    "The only thing I can explain that it is, and I'm not saying it is, but it looks like a flying dragon object", the conspiracy-theorist said.

    The video prompted heated debate within the comment section.

    “I don’t know about a dragon or whatever, but it’s something cloaked”, one commenter noted.

    Others were less impressed by the conclusion that it was a dragon.

    “To say that it was a Something it certainly was but to say it was a Dragon is a lot of speculation”, a user noted, while another added: “Cloud or Dragon. Ur joking right”.

    Some were in a joking mood, noting it could be “space junk” or “Jesus”.

    The booster was launched on 11 November and put 60 Starlink satellites into orbit, returning to a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean.


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