18:14 GMT22 October 2020
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    A video of an orange Tabby cat went viral this week, reaching millions of views worldwide and across the internet. Commenters and viewers found the cat's unique voice strangely recognisable as a distinctive accent.

    A round ginger cat 'Gambino' has become a global sensation on social media since Monday due to his strange meow, which respondants claim is reminiscent of someone saying: "Well, hi!", in a deep southern accent.

    The video, viewed on Instagram over 400,000 times, shows Gambino dashing quickly past a black-and-white cat named Tom, before disappearing behind a refrigerator.

    The cat's owner then follows him, and is met with the odd sounding reply from the tabby.

    According to Fox, the video has received almost 1.3 million views across the internet, including on Twitter and Facebook.

    Many of users say they recognise the response as distinctly 'Southern' with one saying: "Southerners never say hi. They say hay."

    One user said: "IM CRYING".

    A follow-up video was quickly made on Thursday in response to the cat's popularity.

    "Gambino has a lot to say about his new found fame!", Gambino's personal page said.

    Instagram users reacted positively, praising Gambino saying: "That cat is thicc. I wanna hug it"

    Another said: "Love him! My orange tabby, Big G, has a similar meow. I love the uniqueness!!"

    Gambino was once a stray until adopted in December 2014, according to a Facebook post on a page dedicated to Gambino and Tom.


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