10:07 GMT11 August 2020
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    The US Air Force previously warned that they "stood ready" to protect the military facility from unauthorised visitors.

    Dozens of people come to the state of Nevada in order to reach a US military compound in a zone, known as Area 51.

    A Facebook event that was created by a 20-year-old California student Matty Roberts as a simple joke swiftly went viral and attracted 2 million people from various countries. Many of them arrived at a US Air Force facility on 20 September searching for aliens, "imprisoned by the government".

    The page then transformed into a desert festival called "Alienstock" in Rachel and "Storm Area 51 Basecamp" event in Hiko, near the zones, but later the organisers cancelled them as well due to security concerns.

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    Area 51 is a secured zone which, according to numerous legends and conspiracy theories, hosted the remnants of a UFO and the bodies of its alien crew that crashed Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

    The authorities did not confirm the base existed until 2013 when the CIA released archives stating that the area was used to test top-secret spy aircraft.


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