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    Video of Python Hiding Inside Australian Clerk's Office Desk Freaks Out Internet Users

    CC BY 2.0 / Karunakar Rayker / Python
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    Carpet Pythons are usually 2-4 metres in length and are known for killing their victims, including small mammals, by constriction.

    A video originally published by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook public page and ironically called “A Good Excuse to Leave Work Early!” features a one and half metre python who apparently got comfy in one of the desk drawers of an office in Kiels Mountain, Australia.

    The caption tells the viewers that it was shot by a snake catcher, who came to assist an office worker, who reportedly “got the fright of her life” and “nearly fell of her chair” when she opened the draw at her desk and saw a Carpet Python hiding among her office stationary.

    The video features the snake catcher opening the draw to demonstrate to everyone the presence of the intruder and amiably asking “what’s in the top drawer of your desk?”

    Facebook users shared the fear of a scared to death office worker, with some saying that they would “have a heart attack” too, while others insisted that they would quit the very same day, if something like that happened at their work.

    It is not the first horrifying accident in Australia involving pythons, with two large snakes recently causing a crack in the ceiling of a family house in Cairns, scaring the couple who returned home and found two five-metre pythons on their house floor.

    However, according to 9news portal, the office python in the clip was later released into woods, hopefully not to return again.

    Carpet python, also known as Morelia Spilota, is a large snake of the python family. It is usually found in Australia or New Guinea. Their diet consists of small mammals and birds and they usually kill their prey by constriction before swallowing them whole.

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