12:26 GMT02 December 2020
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    WikiLeaks Founder Assange Arrested in London as Ecuador Withdraws Political Asylum (84)

    Footage of the WikiLeaks' founder being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London by authorities has spread on social media like wildfire, inspiring users to post memes humouring Julian Assange's looks.

    The video of the arrest shows Julian Assange sporting a long white beard, forcefully led down the steps outside the building, with police officers waiting to pick him up and take him away from what has been his place of refuge for the past seven years. 

    During his stay at the embassy, Assange has been reported to suffer from health complications due to being confined indoors for many years without the possibility of leave the building in central London for fear of being arrested and extradited to the United States. 

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    Social media users didn't fail to notice Assange's frail and scruffy look as he was arrested by the police on Thursday. 

    Some users suggested Assange looked like a character from the Mary Poppins film, while others likened him to the US presenter David Letterman.

    The whistleblower was also compared by users to a children's book character and Santa Claus. 

    Following Assange's arrest earlier on Thursday, the UK police confirmed that it had been made "on behalf of the United States authorities." Ecuador had withdrawn asylum it had earlier granted to Assange, as well revoking his citizenship. 

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    WikiLeaks Founder Assange Arrested in London as Ecuador Withdraws Political Asylum (84)


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