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    Netanyahu making some eggs in a campaign ad.

    Netanyahu Eggs on Voters With Election Ad of Him Cooking Up an Omelette

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    The prime minister and his Likud Party have seen a comfortable lead in the polls slip in recent weeks after the formation of an electoral alliance between the centre-left Israel Resiliance Party and the Yesh Atid Party, with the PM also dogged by charges including bribery, fraud and breach of trust by the country's attorney general.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has released a new campaign video showing him frying up a couple of eggs in a bid to convince voters not to vote for his opponents, the Blue & White alliance.

    "This is what I know how to cook," the prime minister said in the ad as he fried up a pair of eggs sunny side up style. "What they [Blue & White] are cooking up is a left-wing government with support from left-wing parties and Arab parties. They aren't fooling anyone," Netanyahu added.

    The prime minister's unusual appeal was instantly picked up online, with his post on Facebook, titled "What are you preparing for breakfast?" garnering over 370,000 views and racking up over 14,000 likes and 6,100 comments from both supporters and critics in just a few hours.

    "My campaign for head of the student council was more mature," one critic wrote. "Dying to know who the marketing man who talked him into doing these videos is," another added. "How stupid do you think we are? Clips like this only show how much you underestimate the intelligence of our voters," a third chimed in.

    "Your opponents will conduct a thousand campaigns and never reach your level. We will support you until you win a huge victory in the elections," a supporter countered.

    Some left politics aside to focus on BiBi's cooking skills, or lack thereof. "Someone needs to teach you how to cook! You should have gotten the pan and oil hot first. Also, those eggs weren't very fresh," one user complained. "Appreciate your desire to eat protein in the morning; it's very important. But that's too much oil, try spray oil," another added, pointing to the extremely liberal amount of oil Netanyahu seemed to pour in the non-stick pan before adding the eggs.

    Israelis will go to the polls on April 9 to elect a new government. This year, the main challenge to Netanyahu and his ruling Likud Party is coming not from its traditional rival, Labour, but the Blue & White electoral coalition, led by former Israeli Lieut. Gen. Benny Gantz, who teamed up with ex-finance minister Yair Lapid and his centrist Yesh Atid Party, and Moshe Ya'alon, leader of the centre-right Telem Party.

    According to fresh polling, if elections were held this week, Blue and White would take 31 of the 120 seats in Israel's parliament, with Likud taking 28 and Labour just 7. 

    Likud's polling lead has taken a beating in recent weeks, tumbling further after Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced that charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust would be filed against Netanyahu based on findings from three separate investigations.


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