12:12 GMT24 July 2021
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    The famous rapper emerged as a strong Trump supporter last year, but has faced massive backlash over his stance. He was criticised on social media by some of his fans and colleagues over his support for the 45th president.

    US President Donald Trump has extended his thanks to famous rapper Kanye West, one of his biggest supporters. The president's praise came in wake of signing the "first step" of the Criminal Justice Reform, which had been strongly championed by Kanye. Trump noted that the bill received bipartisan support.

    The tweet gained strong support from some netizens, who praised the adoption of the new law

    Some people suggested that Trump expand his collaboration to include other famous personalities.

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    Several twitterians believed that perhaps Kanye West was little too into the 45th president.

    Others, infuriated by the government shutdown, were not so supportive.

    Trump's tweet comes hot on the heels of veteran American  rapper Tracy Lynn Curry, known as the D.O.C., slammed Kanye West for his Twitter post in support of Trump, where he claimed that his MAGA hat stops other people from telling him what to do. The D.O.C. urged West to take a break from his "goofy a** analogies" in support of the US president, calling them "dumb".

    Kanye West began expressing strong support for Trump in 2018, calling for several reforms, including the Criminal Justice Reform. West spoke in favour of the measure during a visit to the White House in October 2018, when he spoke to the president directly. His recently expressed political views resulted in backlash, even from some of his fans, which drove the rapper off  social media for a brief period of time.

    The First Step Act of the Criminal Justice Reform is aimed at reducing number of repeat offenders among former prisoners and was first tried in several states, namely Texas, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, showing promising results. The measure supports the reintegration of former criminals into society to prevent them from committing more crimes.


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