00:05 GMT31 October 2020
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    Michelle Obama has once called George Bush her “partner in crime” at every major event where all former resident of the White House gather to highlight the importance of their friendship for her.

    Former US President George W. Bush took a moment to slip another candy to ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama during the funeral of his father and 41st POTUS George H.W. Bush.

    Bush greeted former and current presidents and their wives on the bench with handshakes before having this heartwarming exchange with Michelle, who couldn't help but chuckle as she was handed the mint. 

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    This friendship ritual received a warm welcome on Twitter, with social media users saying that the gesture was extremely cute and classy:

    Other netizens pointed to the fact that Bush actually took time to think it through despite grieving, and suggested that their friendship was a “ray of sunshine on a somber day”:

    Some shared a video compilation and a photo of the two hugging to show that they have history:

    One netizen couldn't resist imagining Melania Trump's thoughts at the exact moment of the sweet exchange:

    Just three months ago, Bush was caught on camera passing a cough drop to Michelle in an exchange that went viral during the funeral of late Senator John McCain.

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