07:27 GMT09 August 2020
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    Reacting to the apparent photo trickery, local Muslims accused the developer of “trying to pretend” the Mosque doesn’t exist as they fear it may deter would-be customers.

    A property developer has drawn criticism for seemingly “airbrushing” a mosque and the Islamic Cultural Society out of promotional material for its new-build high-end apartments in Hornsey, North London.

    The firm, Fairview News Homes, apparently edited out the mosque’s dome and minaret, and added a string of trees to cover the rest of the building.

    The new-build flats will cost upwards of £395,000 ($500,000), and the developer said it uses computer-generated images “to create a visual representation” of how the development will look upon completion.

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    Local Muslims and worshippers blasted the property developer, accusing it of Islamophobia and describing the move as “unacceptable.”  

    “They are pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s unacceptable,” Shakil Ahmad, a local butcher, told The Sun on Tuesday.

    Another local, 57-year-old Siraj Din, said “Maybe they worry people will be scared off if they see these flashy homes are next to a mosque. But this mosque should be portrayed as it is, in this photo it just looks like a warehouse.”

    However, a mosque spokesperson rubbished claims of Islamophobia, explaining that Fairview News Homes had also airbrushed and edited other nearby buildings to make their properties look more desirable, suggesting locals are simply overreacting.

    “They have photoshopped all buildings in close proximity, including the mosque. When we first saw the photo, we were concerned the mosque had been hidden but quickly realised it was a marketing tool.”

    Netizens reacted on social media, with one user calling for the development to be boycotted, while others insisted the story is not newsworthy.


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