02:34 GMT01 November 2020
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    Another day, another bombshell tweet from Donald Trump: the US president has introduced a catchy nickname for himself that is now trending on social media.

    Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and Donald Trump had to just seize the day: as the festive weekend was coming to an end, he thanked the person he humbly credited for falling oil prices – himself.

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    In a casual Sunday tweet, Donald Trump, who has developed a reputation for devising nicknames for his friends, foes and ‘frenemies’ – from ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Animal Assad’ to ‘Crooked Hillary’ – apparently coined a moniker for himself: President T.

    Just like other labels conceived by Trump, the new nickname became trendy on social media, with netizens coming up with suggestions of what ‘T’ possibly stood for:

    Another user presumably alluded to Trump’s skin, which has always given off an orange hue, and while he’s consistently been called ‘orange,’ ‘tangerine’ is somewhat new:

    Aware of Trump’s affection for golf, one netizen alleged ‘T’ could refer to the time when the game begins:

    Others couldn’t help but highlight the 45’s ‘special bond’ with Twitter while coming up with possible references to ‘T’:

    One Twitterian argued that President T sounded much better than the initials of his predecessor – Barack Obama:

    And the apparent winner is the reference to Mr T, an American actor and retired wrestler, who popularised the phrase ‘I pity the fool’ while starring as the main villain in Rocky III:

    Trump thanked himself for falling oil prices a few days after he expressed gratitude to Saudi Arabia for lowering oil prices in the latest bid to reaffirm ‘steadfast’ partnership with the kingdom amid an ongoing probe into the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

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