03:52 GMT +323 September 2019
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    WATCH Huge Meteorite Burns Away in Sky Over Chinese City

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    According to the European Space Agency, about 50 tons of extraterrestrial rock land on Earth every day; however, people rarely find big meteorites since only a few remain intact passing through the atmosphere.

    A blazing meteorite was caught on camera in China's southwest province of Yunnan at around 9:41 p.m. local time. The video features a huge burning meteorite that illuminated the sky, making a loud sound resembling thunder.

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    According to the TVNZ broadcaster, which cites the Yunnan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the object in the sky was a bolide, a bright meteor which explodes in the atmosphere. The observatory's specialist explained that the fire was triggered by the friction the meteorite experienced entering Earth's atmosphere.


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