16:15 GMT21 January 2021
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    Cindy Moore from the British city of Salford in Greater Manchester has turned herself into a real sex doll having undergone several plastic surgeries, according to the LADBible news portal.

    Having had her breasts enhanced to a whopping size 7, she also now has longer hair and has her lips augmented every three months. The radical changes notably cost the 31 year-old roughly 13,300 dollars, and she has stated it is just the beginning.

    She had developed the courage to experiment with plastic surgery after she discovering that her former fiancé, the father of her children, had been having an affair. The woman went on a diet losing 30 kilos, thereby starting her incredible transformation. Interestingly, she doesn't often go dates, complaining about being sometimes treated more like a sex doll than a person.

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