17:44 GMT15 April 2021
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    Despite that fellow party members supported Greene after she was ostracized by House Democrats for her controversial statements, not all are fond of her guerrilla tactics in a war she has unsuccessfully waged against Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill.

    House GOP members are growing weary of the dire attempts of fellow Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene in her failed attempts to stop the passage of the $1.9 trillion America Rescue Plan after she introduced a motion to adjourn. Her latest attempt to stop the bill, previously passed by the Senate with a narrow margin, gained 40 "nay" votes from other House Republicans, as opposed to 18 during her previous attempt.

    Greene claims that the $1.9 trillion relief bill is a "massive woke progressive Democrat wish list" and has tried to use guerrilla-style tactics to disrupt House operations, with motions to adjourn doomed to fail in a Democrat-controlled Congress. She also declared that all Republicans who do not support her should be seen as supporters of Democrats.

    Despite her attempts succeeding to delay the passage of the bill by hours, she has failed to stop the plan. What her tactics did succeed though was to irritate fellow Republican House members who complained that Greene's actions disrupt their work at Congress, including in meetings and hearings.

    "I’m just tired of it. We’re doing this every day, and there’s no point. So I’m just done playing", House Republican Adam Kinzinger stated.

    Another Republican, Tim Walberg, called Greene's actions "offensive to the whole [House] body", while David Joyce labelled the unpopular conspiracy theorist's strategy of fighting the relief bill "senseless". GOP Congressman Jim Banks does not see any "strategy" behind Greene's actions.

    Reaction comes after the majority of the party defended Greene after House Democrats removed the newly elected lawmaker from two committee assignments over her statements and actions. She was specifically criticised over her support of Donald Trump's baseless claims about 2020 election fraud, which have been shot down in the courts, as well as her harassment of a school shooting survivor and her dissemination of debunked conspiracy theories.


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